Study Abroad Semester Programme

Our popular Study Abroad Semester Programme offers students the opportunity to study at University of Galway and earn credits towards their degree at their home institution. Visiting and exchange students alike choose from the wide selection of classes (modules) from our regular degree courses, to meet their own major or minor requirements, subject to meeting the normal prerequisites. 

The Visiting Student Academic Handbook is published for each semester and lists the specific classes (modules) available. Students should refer to the relevant Handbook when submitting their initial application.

N.B. The exact classes made available can vary year to year.

Visiting Student Academic Handbook Semester 1 24/25

Visiting Student Academic Handbook Semester 2 24/25‌

Programme Overview

  • Visiting Students can study at University of Galway for a semester or a full academic year. Semester One runs from September to December. Semester Two runs from January until May. 
  • Visiting Student do not receive a degree from University of Galway. The credits you earn here can normally be transferred back to your home institution. 
  • You can expect to take 5 - 7 classes (modules) per semester. This equates to approximately 30 ECTS credits, which is a normal course load for University of Galway students per semester.
  • Classes are generally delivered through lectures, which are normally held in large or medium sized lecture halls and which provide the foundations on which students are expected to explore further through independent reading.
  • Lectures can be supplemented by smaller tutorials or seminar classes which provide an opportunity for discussion in a smaller group setting.

Exams and Transcripts

Visiting students are examined alongside our full time degree-seeking students. Most classes are examined by end of semester examination, and may include mid-term assignments and/or continuous assessment.

Upon completion of your studies, you will be sent a transcript showing the classes you have taken at University of Galway as well the credits earned and marks (%) received. In the matter of credit transfer and course equivalence, the International Office can, on request, provide indicative guidelines to translate ECTS credits to home country credits.

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