Wednesday, 29 March 2023

University of Galway IdeasLab is excited to announce our Start100 2023 student teams. Start100 is University of Galway's student incubator, run by IdeasLab.  Throughout the programme our 11 Start100 teams will have the chance to hone their business model and connect into a vibrant start up ecosystem. Start100 will link students with a fantastic bank of University of Galway alumni, mentors, and speakers to inspire, advise and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.  This programme also connects students into a thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs across Ireland.  This year we have an exciting and varied group of student entrepreneurs, with ideas they cannot wait to explore and develop - from an app designed to improve your rowing capabilities to beauty and skincare products - it will be a innovative and fun journey for all our student teams.  Meet our 11 Start100 student teams and find out more about their ideas and how they came to be part of the Start100 programme on our LinkedIn.   Find out more about the Start100 student incubator. 

Friday, 10 March 2023

IdeasLab are proud to announce the winners of our Semester 2 Enterprise Challenge 2023 as team All Stars, who worked closely with our enterprise partners Signify Health, the Charlotte’s Webex team who worked with Cisco and team Coloconnect, who were mentored by our enterprise partners Boston Scientific.   The enterprise challenge brings together multidisciplinary student teams to solve challenges assigned by our enterprise partners. Over the course of 8 weeks students work through a design sprint incorporating team development, empathy, problem definition, ideation, prototyping, testing and storytelling to develop a solution direction for the enterprise partner. Running alongside their weekly workshops are mentoring sessions which develop students understanding of the problem and the solution fit for the industry and enterprise facing the challenge.  ‌ This semester our Enterprise Challenge students worked in 9 groups with a total of 64 participants in 12 workshops sessions and with 65 mentoring sessions by our dedicated enterprise partners Signify Health, Boston Scientific and Cisco.  For the final presentations on the 10th March our student teams were joined by a panel of industry experts from Cisco, Boston Scientific, Signify Health, along with University of Galway's Director of Entrepreneurial Development, Natalie Walsh to decide the winning teams.  If you would like to find out more about IdeasLab programmes please visit Our Programmes page. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2023

University of Galway CreateHER is an inspiring programme that supports female undergraduate students to become innovators and leaders in their professional and person lives through training, mentorship and networking. Our mission is accomplished through connecting our CreatHER’s to trusted mentors, entrepreneurs and innovators, resources and training in a safe and supportive environment. Our inaugural CreateHER programme launched in January 2023 and for every place available we had 5 applicants. Our selected 13 participants took part in our 6 week programme which included weekly roundtables on topics including personal brand and voice, goal setting, imposter syndrome, entrepreneurship and design thinking. Our programme is supported by an incredible advisory board which includes Dr Natalie Walsh and Jenny Mullery from IdeasLab as well as: · Anna Hosty and Carol Joyce (Co-owners of Yourells Hair Group and the Hair Vitamin Company) · Professor Ellen Roche, Associate Professor, MIT · Dr Helen McBreen, Atlantic Bridge · Dr Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight Oral Care · Karen Gilhooly, University of Galway Student · Lisa Regan, LRPR · Elaine Mannion, Abbey Theatre · Professor Patrick Lonergan, University of Galway A hallmark of the programme is how we support our CreateHERs to build their future networks and always create and actively seek out opportunities. In March 2023 we held an offsite day in Dublin with our CreateHER’s and were hosted by Dr Helen Breen and Dr Eimear Gleeson for a roundtable at Atlantic Bridge, this was followed by a voice and presence workshop hosted at the Abbey Theatre by Elaine Mannion and Andrea Ainsworth, and we closed our day with a roundtable discuss on all things female entrepreneurship which was hosted by Paula Fitzsimons (National Director- Going for Growth, Acorns, Inspiring Women, Back For Business and National Co-ordinator for Global Entrepreneurship Monitor- Ireland). Our CreateHER’s graduated on International Women's Day with a showcase event hosted in the Druid Theatre by Lisa Regan with a Keynote by former Artistic Director of Macnas, Noeline Kavanagh and a panel discussion with Dr Natalie Walsh, Dr Vanessa Creaven and Mary Ryan (WestBIC). We will launch our 2023/2024 call for applications early in September 2023. CreateHER is funded by the Higher Education Authority and the European Institute for Technology. Find out more about CreateHER on IdeasLab website

Thursday, 23 February 2023

University of Galway has presented first year Bachelor of Commerce student Chloe Gardiner with the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurial Scholarship for 2023. Established in 2022 and funded through philanthropic support of the Liffey Trust, the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurial Scholarship supports students in the University’s student innovation and entrepreneurship hub, IdeasLab. It also helps to promote the concepts of job creation, entrepreneurial development and education for life for undergraduate students commencing their studies.  Originally from Edenderry, Co. Offaly and now living in Galway City, Chloe founded The Wonky Woolins at the age of 15 after she found a collection of wonky knitted creatures in her granny's attic which had been passed through her family for generations. Inspired by the knitted creatures, Chloe began to create her own Wonky Woolins for others with the hopes that they too could be cherished for a lifetime.  During lockdown she created social media accounts and a website where she began to sell her products. In 2020 Chloe recognised another gap in the market and founded Baa Baa Bandits which sells yarns for arm knitting, a technique using your arms instead of knitting needles to make stitches. The Wonky Woolins is now a multi-award-winning business that provides early-stage children's toys and baby gifts that are all ethically handmade by marginalized and jobless women in Morocco. Chloe said: “It is such a huge honour to be selected as the 2023 recipient of the Seamus McDermott Entrepreneurial Scholarship, it means so much to have my entrepreneurial efforts recognised by the trust. I have been very fortunate to have been supported by so many incredible entrepreneurs and mentors who have guided me on my journey with Wonky Woolins and I look forward to further developing my knowledge at the University of Galway and networking with other recipients of this scholarship across Ireland.” Chairman of The Liffey Trust, Aidan Corless said: “We are delighted to welcome Chloe Gardiner as our second University of Galway Scholar. Having met Chloe in person I have to say she is every bit as impressive as her business Wonky Woolins. It is not surprising that she tells us that she has a very busy life managing her studies alongside her companies.  “Hard work is one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur and Chloe is only getting started. As one of the Liffey Trust Scholars Chloe will be able to network with our scholars from Trinity College, UCD, DCU and soon to be UCC. I would like to thank Dr Natalie Walsh and Professor Jonathan Levie and the team for encouraging the students to take part in the ideaslab where future businesses can start.” The Liffey Trust was established more than 30 years ago and has been supporting entrepreneurs to establish and grow new businesses since then. The University of Galway scholarship is named in honour of the founder of the Liffey Trust, Galway native Séamus McDermott, in recognition of his contribution to entrepreneurship in Ireland.    First year undergraduate students at University of Galway can apply for a scholarship valued at up to €9,000 for the duration of their studies at the University. The next call for applicants will commence in October 2023.  For further information on the scholarship contact Image details From left, Dr Yixin Qiu,- University of Galway’s J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics; Nicola Rees, Director of Development, Community & Alumni Relations, Galway University Foundation; Aidan Corless, Chairperson Liffey Trust; Professor Jonathan Levie, JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics, University of Galway; scholarship recipient Chloe Gardiner-; Dr Seamus McDermott, Founder Liffey Trust; Dr Natalie Walsh, IdeasLab; Deirdre Finn, Trustee, Liffey Trust; and Fiona Kennedy Development Office, University of Galway.

Monday, 30 January 2023

University of Galway’s student innovation hub, IdeasLab, has officially launched their Empathy Lab, a physical and virtual learning environment in the heart of campus.    The University of Galway Empathy Lab is the first of its kind in Europe and combines the science of human behaviour with the art of human centred design with Boston Scientific the inaugural enterprise partner. It has been developed as part of the University’s Designing Futures project, which is funded under the Government’s Human Capital Initiative. The University of Galway Empathy Lab will enable University of Galway students who want to come up with solutions to specific problems to understand the feelings and experiences of those affected. Students will use new technologies including simulation suits; infant simulators; haptic gloves; scent masks. Speaking about the Empathy Lab launch Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, President of University of Galway, said: “Respect is a core value of the University and the pathway to respect is paved with empathy and knowledge. Through the University of Galway Empathy Lab, we will work with our partners to further embed empathy as a core attribute that students can develop and practice - supporting and shaping our innovations, placing the lived experience and our society at the heart of what we create with and for others.” Empathy is the common denominator at the heart of all great collaboration, invention and innovation - it is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference. The University of Galway Empathy Lab will offer consideration of the deeper layers of the human experience, using technology and human simulation to capture the essence of our real, messy, human selves. It will focus on the how of empathy and developing empathic individuals and teams. Scholars describe empathy as a muscle; as such, it should be capable of growth and regeneration. Following this logic, the lab will use a variety of empathy training approaches to train and further develop students’ appreciation of empathy. Martin Hynes and Richard Crawford of Boston Scientific are the inaugural enterprise partners who will work alongside students in 2023. Students and their mentors will experience multiple scenarios and simulations to create better ways to innovate with customers and patients in the area of endoscopy procedures.  Dr Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development and co-lead of the Public Patient Involvement Ignite network in University of Galway, said: “The University of Galway Empathy Lab will take a multidimensional approach to experiences so that we better understand what people are feeling and how innovation can develop to respond to the needs and wants of our society. We will bring technology and people together to give our students unique insights and experiences that can shape future innovations and respond to our society’s most pressing needs.” University of Galway will also launch a new Empathy in Action module which brings together expertise from across the campus and reflects the many voices and perspectives of empathy and create action oriented and empathetic future leaders and innovators. Empathy Lab and the new immersive learning environment is being supported through a funding award through the Bodyswaps & Meta's Immersive Soft Skills Education Grant. University of Galway’s IdeasLab was one of 100 educational institutions worldwide to be supported and will receive two Meta Quest 2 headsets and three months free access to Bodyswaps VR learning programs.  Dr Walsh added: “This will have a significant impact on soft skills for both students and staff. Building soft skills amongst students will allow higher education institutions around the world to level the playing field and boost opportunities for their students in the competitive global market.” According data from Bodyswaps, after using this kind of technology as part of their learning experience, 87% of learners report a significant improvement in their self-awareness and knowledge of how to improve their skills and 85% of learners report a significant improvement in their confidence to apply the simulated soft skills in real situations. Find out more about our Empathy Lab HERE ​Image (L-R): Neil Ferguson (IdeasLab), Grace Mannion (Designing Futures), Professor Pat Dolan (UNESCO Chair in Children, Youth and Civic Engagement), Bernadine Brady, Lecturer at the School of Political Science & Sociology, University of Galway and a Senior Researcher with the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, Fr Ben Hughes, Head Chaplain and Seas Suas Lead, Richard Crawford- Principal Process Development Engineer, Boston Scientific, Jenny Mullery (IdeasLab),  Martin Hynes- Director of Process Development Boston Scientific, Natalie Walsh (IdeasLab). 

Friday, 20 January 2023

IdeasLab are pleased to announce the formation of our CreateHER Advisory Board. The Advisory Group brings together a cross section of industry experts with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, academia, and multi million euro enterprises. CreateHER aims to further develop female focussed initiatives with an emphasis on creativity as a central tenet.To ensure that the initiative is coherent, fit for purpose and student centric IdeasLab has, through a consultative process, designed a programme that will be reviewed by an expert advisory group. The CreateHer Advisory group is co-chaired by Dr Natalie Walsh and Jenny Mullery IdeasLab at University of Galway and Dr. Ellen Roche, MIT and University of Galway Alumni, Dr. Helen McBreen, Atlantic Bridge and University of Galway Alumni, Dr. Vanessa Creaven, Co-Founder Spotlight Oral Care, Karen Gilhooly, Student, University of Galway, Carol Joyce and Anna Hosty, Co-owner Yourells/Co-Founder The Vitamin Hair Company), Professor Patrick Lonergan, University of Galway, Elaine Mannion, General Manager, The Abbey Theatre and Lisa Regan MD of Lisa Regan Public Relations. In addition to the advisory board, the University has partnered with WestBIC to deliver aspects of the programme.  WestBIC provides tailored, high-level support to entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into a commercial reality.  'We know that our student entrepreneurs will learn best from each other and fellow female entrepreneurs across the globe and have created a programme based on shared experiences, practical workshops and mentorship which will nurture the development of the next generation of female entrepreneurs.  We are excited to onboard our first intake later this month and share their journeys and successes in the future' says Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development, University of Galway.  Find out more about the CreateHER Advisory Board and the CreateHER programme

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

IdeasLab, University of Galway's student innovation hub has launched CreateHER, a new creativity and innovation programme for female students in the university. CreateHER has been developed to respond to the needs of our female students, which account for 60% of our 19,000 students. Our research at institutional level and interntaional reports clearly show the need for more supports for female students in the entrepreneurial space.  The programme has been designed to respond directly to a clear need to support more female students to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option. The European Start Up Monitor reports that only 14.8% of founders are female, a statistic that is further supported by the GEM 2019 report which shows the lowest level of female involvement at the early stage of entrepreneurial activity at 6%.   CreateHER will expand our community of female innovators and entrepreneurs with a particular focus on grass roots level and will start to develop these skills and mindsets during our female students time in University.  The programme is supported by a powerhouse advisory board that spans the worlds of creativity, innovation, academia and entrepreneurship. We believe that our students will learn best from each other, our advisory, our community of female entrepreneurs and our supporters. The CreateHER programme will utilise a round table approach with each team hosted by a female entrepreneur, the programme will also include weekly workshops, mentoring and many opportunities to network and build their networks now and for their future. 'From the moment we recognised a gap in female participation in entrepreneurship we knew we wanted to create a programme unlike any other offered to third level students. We have taken inspiration from our advisory group, national leaders in the entrepreneurship space including Paula Fitzsimons of Going for Growth and Acorns and consulted extensively with our female students to create a programme that can help to redefine the future of female entrepreneurship in our region. Today is an incredibility proud and important day for us at IdeasLab and we look forward to celebrating many successes from the CreateHER programme'. Dr Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development. Joining the University to deliver CreateHER is WestBIC - Business and Innovation Centre. WestBIC provides tailored, high level supports to entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into a commercial reality. They will support CreateHER with mentorship and host events and workshops during the programme 'Female entrepreneurship is key focus for WestBIC and it’s really encouraging to see female entrepreneurs leading the way in a number of highly innovative start-ups, many of which have their origins in the third level sector. WestBIC is delighted to support the University of Galway in delivering the CreateHER programme and we look forward to working closely with the IdeasLab team.' John Brennan, CEO WestBIC CreateHER is funded by the Higher Education Authority and the European Institute of Technology (EIT). Find out more about CreateHER on IdeasLab Programmes webpage.  Pictured: University of Galway students, Jenny Mullery IdeasLab, University of Galway President Ciarán Ó hOgartaigh, Natalie Walsh IdeasLab. 

Thursday, 17 November 2022

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, IdeasLab and the University of Galway hosted an Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs event on 17th November with Paula Fitzsimons of Going for Growth.  Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs is a new initiative set up to inspire female entrepreneurs who want to take the first step towards starting a business. Supported by Enterprise Ireland and KPMG, this new programme will help women to determine their ambitions and go on to establish businesses that are scalable, innovative and focused on export markets.  ‘Tonight, has brought together an incredible community of female entrepreneurs, industry professionals, university staff and students, all with an interest in supporting and championing female entrepreneurship.  We will build on the momentum created tonight, create more opportunities for females from our students right through to those that want to scale and grow their business. We already have a developing female entrepreneurial ecosystem, so are building on a very strong foundation and we look forward to being a core part of that in and for our region’.Dr. Natalie Walsh Director of Entrepreneurial Development, University of Galway.    Attendees heard from inspiring female entrepreneurs about their journey to establishing a successful business - Andrea Doolan, co-founder and CEO of Atlantia Clinical Trials, Dr. Anne Cusack, co-founder and formerly of Critical Healthcare, Leonora O'Brien, founder and formerly of Pharmapod and a special video presentation by Fidelma McGuirk, CEO and founder of Payslip.  'This is the start of a whole new tribe. This is about inspiring women entrepreneurs to think even bigger than they are thinking. The objective is clear – to look for start-ups by women. Those start-ups are innovative and ambitious, and they can grow and grow. Ireland needs all of its entrepreneurs.’  Paula Fitzsimons  Going for Growth Find out more about Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs HEREPictured: (L-R) Leonora O'Brien, Andrea Doolan, Jenny Mullery, Paula Fitzsimons, Natalie Walsh, Anne Cusack.   

Monday, 7 November 2022

IdeasLab are proud to announce the winners of our Semester 1 Enterprise Challenge 2022 as team Aero, who worked closely with our enterprise partners Aerogen and team Synergy, who were mentored by our enterprise partners Medtronic.   The enterprise challenge brings together multidisciplinary student teams to solve challenges assigned by our enterprise partners. Over the course of 8 weeks students work through a design sprint incorporating team development, empathy, problem definition, ideation, prototyping, testing and storytelling to develop a solution direction for the enterprise partner. Running alongside their weekly workshops are 5 mentoring sessions which develop students understanding of the problem and the solution fit for the industry and enterprise facing the challenge.  ‌ Eight student groups worked extremely hard to develop their ideas over the course of the 8 week programme, working closely with mentors and advisers in Medtronic and Aerogen to hone their ideas.  For the final presentations on the 4th November our student teams were joined by a panel of industry experts from Aerogen and Medtronic, along with University of Galway's Director of Entrepreneurial Development, Natalie Walsh to decide the winning teams.  If you would like to find out more about IdeasLab programmes please visit Our Programmes page. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

IdeasLab is proud to announce the 'Golden Goodies' team as the EIT Health i-Days Galway winners for 2022. The winning team will go on to represent team Galway in Vienna during the final i-Days event on 24-25 November. i-Days promote health innovation among university students through dozens of one-day and two-day programmes held in academic institutions around Europe. Students from all academic areas receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and compete in teams to tackle real-life health challenges posed by EIT Health, local organisations, private corporations or start-ups. The winning team of each i-Day will attend the Winners’ Event, a final competition that unites students from around Europe. IdeasLab ran University of Galway's 2022 i-Days event with 17 shortlisted students, who worked on innovative solutions over three design thinking sessions to address the challenge of loneliness - demonstrating teamwork, innovation and business creation. All students who participated in the programme received expert support, the chance to address real-life challanges in the European health sector and the opportunity to broaden their horizons while gaining new skills.  Find out more about EIT Health i-Days. Find out more about the EU projects IdeasLab work on. 

Thursday, 20 October 2022

IdeasLab are growing their student mentor community and would love to hear from those interested in being a mentor. If you want to support University of Galway students on their innovation, entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship journey then IdeasLab have an exciting opportunity to share with you. Due to increased demand from students, IdeasLab are expanding their mentorship offering to all students and are looking for mentors with experience from start-ups, academia, industry, and social enterprises across all sectors and all career/life stages including: Financial and Legal Services Digital Transformation Medtech Creative Industries What does a mentor do?If you have not mentored before, IdeasLab will provide you with training. IdeasLab will ensure that you are matched to a student requiring your specific skillset and we will facilitate introductions to your mentee based on your communication preferences.The commitment will vary depending on your availability and can range from a 1 hr session to multiple sessions over a 6-week period.What is in it for you? Becoming part of IdeasLab community means becoming part of a vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs across our region. An opportunity to give back and develop your own skills as a mentor. Opportunity to work with, teach and learn from an amazing student cohort from diverse backgrounds and with a broad range of talents. Opportunity to attend and network at our on-campus events throughout the year Mentors will also receive a certificate of participation as a token of our appreciation If you are interested, please register your interest or email us and we will get in touch.

Friday, 8 July 2022

Celebrating student entrepreneurs Start100 showcase allows students to pitch investible ideas and innovations IdeasLab, the entrepreneurial and innovation hub at University of Galway, has announced ICTUS Medical and IRIS as the inaugural Start100 winners for 2022.  ICTUS Medical received the overall award for Start100, with IRIS receiving the One to Watch award. Nine teams of students presented at a special showcase event bringing their innovative ideas to a panel of judges from the worlds of academia, research, industry and enterprise after an intensive six week programme hosted by IdeasLab. IdeasLab launched their new student incubator programme, Start100 earlier this year. Start100 helps students with an early-stage concept to transform their ideas into potentially investible innovations.  The Start100 programme provides physical space, key networking opportunities, expert mentorship from alumni and enterprise, as well as a support fund of over €40,000. Students have access to funds to research and develop their idea throughout the programme and have the chance to win a final event prize fund to kick-start their innovation journey.  Start100 offers students the opportunity to connect with expert mentors and speakers spanning sectors including medical devices, creative production, agritech, consumer technology and wellbeing.  The programme has connected students into the thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs in the West of Ireland, including BioInnovate Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Westbic, Galway City Innovation District and the Local Enterprise Offices and has been supported by companies in the region including Mbroynics, Boston Scientific, Aerogen, Medtronic, SAP, Galway International Arts Festival, Channel Mechanics, Veryan and Orreco. President of University of Galway, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh launched the showcase event. “At University of Galway, our values - respect, openness, excellence and sustainability - are what define us and more importantly we strive to see them become not just words but actions and deeds. Supporting students on a journey of societal impact through enterprising ideas is part of that mission for the public good. It’s a great encouragement to see young people finding solutions to problems through innovation, ideas and solutions and also to see them being supported in that journey by our educators, our university community, and our civic and business networks,” Professor Ó hÓgartaigh said. ICTUS Medical is spearheaded by Peter Best-Lydon and Ciarán McDermott. Peter, a Galway native and recently graduated University of Galway Biomedical Engineering student, and Ciarán, an University of Galway Electronic Engineering final year student, are developing a painless monitoring device that empowers stroke survivors to take control of their health by detecting sleeping strokes.  Speaking on behalf of ICTUS Medical Peter Best-Lydon said: “We are absolutely delighted to win. Start100 has been a massive help to us with all of the connections that we have made. There is a buzz every week in IdeasLab and it was great to get a sense of working in a start-up. We are really looking forward to making a significant impact to the patient.’’ The One to Watch prize was awarded to IRIS, which was co-founded by Keelan Rowley and Michael Dillon, both recent graduates of University of Galway’s BSc in Project and Construction Management. IRIS is a safety device that helps detect the presence of people and animals from machinery like Tractors, Diggers, Dumpers. A cost effective device that saves lives and families. Winning this award will allow Michael and Keelan to focus on prototyping and validating their idea.  The difficult decision of selecting the most investable idea was made by a diverse judging panel representing some of Irelands best and brightest entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics. The panel for the final showcase included: Dr Helen McBreen, Partner Atlantic Bridge; Professor Michelle Millar, Dean of Students at University of Galway; Dr Paul Dodd, Vice President Engagement, University of Galway; Dr Vanessa Creaven Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spotlight Oral Care; and Finn Hegarty, Co-Founder and Chief Procurement Officer at GloFox, and University of Galway graduate.   Dr Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development at University of Galway, said: “In recent years, we have seen some fantastic student entrepreneurs create global businesses in the west of Ireland.  Through Start100 we now have a platform to support more students to achieve this type of success through the creation of commercial and social enterprises. Start100 is the first student incubator to launch in the University, designed with former and current students, our alumni and enterprise partners, we are incredibly proud to see Start100 come to life on our campus.” A summary of nine projects showcased at the event included: I Said Speak - An information awareness video that delves into Ireland’s drink culture among students  Receipt Relay - A customer insights software for retail and hospitality chains using point of sale and consumer app integrations IRIS - A safety device that helps detect the presence of people and animals from farm machinery – saving lives and families Matán Marketing - Digital marketing for gyms Scrunch-UP - An anti-spike scrunchie for university students ThoughtGarden – Self-administered CBT mobile game to reduce anxiety and depression - A data-driven e-commerce agency that builds and optimises high-performance Shopify stores - An application that facilitates the remote capture of patient's foot scan data using just a smart phone ICTUS Medical - A painless monitoring device that empowers stroke survivors to take control of their health by detecting sleeping strokes For more information on Start100 see our

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

University of Galway has today launched a new educational programme that will prepare students to deal with the complexity and uncertainty of life and the future world of work.  Designing Futures has been developed to enhance the employability of University of Galway graduates by offering additional practical and creative teaching, learning and skills development alongside traditional degree studies. Read Full University of Galway Article Here 

Thursday, 15 July 2021

 University of Galway is to lead a new European project to bring a new entrepreneurial focus to higher education. i2i (Idea to Impact) will train more than 800 students and 300 staff over two years to look beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines, to think innovatively and enhance the start-up ecosystem in a network of universities and colleges. Read Full University of Galway Article Here 

Thursday, 16 December 2021

‌University of Galway's Designing Futures programme, which advances the University’s position as an international leader in education, is designed to enhance the student experience while tackling the important challenges for culture, enterprise and society. Read Full Cois Coiribe Article 

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