ELEVATE – What is the ELEVATE project?

In ELEVATE we will measure levels in indoor air and floor dust of selected chemicals listed as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) under the UNEP Stockholm Convention in common environments i.e. homes, cars, offices and schools. Concentrations of water soluble POPs such as PFOS will also be measured in samples of drinking water. These data will be used to estimate human exposure to these chemicals via drinking water as well as indoor air and dust. These exposures will be compared to existing estimates of dietary exposure for Ireland to identify the relative importance of different exposure pathways to the Irish population. The project will additionally involve a human biomonitoring study where levels of POPs will be measured in human breast milk.

 There are four aspects to the study;

Recruitment of homes (including cars), schools and offices to participate in the study to collect drinking water, indoor air and dust samples has now closed. We are currently analysing project samples and will update our project website with preliminary project  results as soon as they become available.

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