Course Overview

The award-winning MSc in International Management is a one-year taught programme that provides students with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the principles and application of international business and management. The programme aspires to develop the student’s ‘global mindset’ by developing cultural awareness, sensitivity and curiosity around global industrial systems, international business models, geopolitics, global finance and worldwide societal norms and changes. We have designed the programme so that students can combine core subjects with choices from a range of optional modules that will allow them to customise and gear their masters towards their own particular focused career path. This personalisation of the master’s offers students an opportunity to tailor the programme to suit their interests and ambitions.

It covers the various functional areas of management from an international context e.g. International Business, International HRM, International Supply Chain, International Entrepreneurship, Global Strategy and Global Marketing.

International Seminar Week

The students on the MSc in International Management will undertake an international trip to the FIU campus in Miami and during the week students will visit local multinational firms in Florida. Designed to broaden students' understanding of international business through hands-on learning in a foreign country, the international seminar week is one of the most exciting and memorable aspects of the MSc in International Management programme. 

This year we kicked off the week at FIU Business School with presentations from academics and entrepreneurs in the field of International Business, following that we had the pleasure of visiting a wide range of globally focused organisations including Interport Logistics, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Innovation Lab, Global logistics firm WDTC, The International Trade Commission and OldCastle APG CRH

IM Seminar Week 2023

MSc IM Class of 20-21

The class of 2020-2021 just after they submitted their final capstone team consulting report

On completion of the programme you will be able to:

  1. Solve business, policy and societal problems within a global context.
  2. Make a positive societal impact through critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration.
  3. Identify, analyse and solve applied problems in individual and team-based settings.
  4. Examine and critically evaluate the challenges of doing business across national boundaries from the perspective of an individual manager, or organisation.
  5. Apply knowledge, understanding and competency in a broad range of cross-disciplinary internationally focused fields using theories, concepts and frameworks relevant to contemporary international management.
  6. Critically evaluate and apply tools, techniques or different methodological approaches to investigate pertinent questions, scenarios or cases in an international management context.

Key Descriptor

Applications and Selections

Applications are made online via the University of Galway Postgraduate Applications System.

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Requirements and Assessment

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Entry Requirements

Normally a H2.1 degree (NFQ Level 8 or equivalent). However, candidates with a H2.2 honours degree and who have a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience, will also be considered. IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent, if applicable.

Applications are made online via the University of Galway Postgraduate Applications System. 

Additional Requirements

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


1 year, full-time

Next start date

September 2024

A Level Grades ()

Average intake

60 (some combined modules with other masters' programmes)

QQI/FET FETAC Entry Routes

Closing Date

Offers are made on a rolling basis

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Course Outline

F‌ull Module Descriptors—International Management

International Supply Chain (5 ETCS)

International supply chain has become one of the top priorities on the strategic agenda of multinational enterprises. This module has been designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the core concepts of supply chain management.

International Human Resource Management (5 ETCS)

This module encourages students to critically develop their knowledge and expertise across a range of specialist themes in the complex field of IHRM. 

Leading Change & Business Transformation (5 ETCS)

Focusing on an organisational level and on large-scale business transformation, this module addresses the role of leadership in driving change and achieving sustainable business transformation.

International Leadership in Practice (5 ETCS)

This module is designed around contemporary themes from international management and will help prepare students to become global leaders and global citizens by developing a global mind-set. Students will engage with practical and meaningful international management/business related cases and challenges.

Digital People & Business Analytics (10 ECTS)

This module provides a grounding in the basic principles of people analytics and as People Analytics is not confined to the HR department, this module aims to develop the awareness, skills and knowledge required to understand people analytics as a mental framework, linking human resource decisions to business outcomes and organisational performance.

Business & Society (5 ETCS)

The module provides a comprehensive overview of the intersection between business and society, including the challenges facing organisations as they pursue global business activities. It places business ethics in a richer contextual setting, focusing on the challenges that businesses must now confront, and exploring how these issues can be met by a rethinking of business models, goals and strategies.

International Entrepreneurship (10 ETCS)

This module covers the development of ventures that pursue internationalisation relatively early in their development. It is the aim of this module to equip student with the necessary knowledge to lead and work with entrepreneurial ventures in their internationalisation efforts.

Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills (5ETCS)

This module focuses on the evaluation of evidence and helps students critical thinking competencies. It provides students with an understanding of the limitations of research methods and of the biases that methods and /or researchers introduce. Students will be guided in strengthening their academic writing skills to effectively communicate, not only business recommendations, but also how these recommendations were determined.

Project Management (5 ETCS)

This module covers project management methods and techniques for successful project delivery. It delves into the planning, budgeting, quality, leadership and risk management of projects in different organisational settings.

Global Strategy (5 ECTS)

Through the combination of lectures, case studies and company engagement, this module develops your ability to formulate and critically evaluate strategies of internationally operating organisations to ensure their sustained value creation.

Corporate Finance (5 ECTS)

This module facilitates students in

developing and applying a comprehensive understanding of the role of corporate finance in investment and financing decision-making, especially the analysis of complex structured and unstructured decision situations in a strategic context.

Strategic Marketing (10 ETCS)

Strategic decision-making can have a long-term impact on the organisation. The objective of the module is to prepare the student for making critical Strategic Marketing decisions in an environment that is becoming ever more complex and fast changing. The module will allow students develop skills in dealing with Strategic Marketing problems, and to formulate a framework for developing Strategic Marketing plans. This module is delivered by the Discipline of Marketing and is limited to 5 places. 

Modules for this programme are subject to change. In addition to fee, a contribution of €1,000 is required to participate in the seminar week at Florida International University.

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

The demand for employees with a background in International Management continues to grow as organisations become ever more globalised and as multinational corporations continue to expand their overseas operations. Our students have gone on to pursue careers in a wide range of fields including graduate training programmes, management consultancy, supply chain management, human resource management, general management roles in multinational companies, policy development, in research and academia. Employers of previous graduates of the programme include Accenture, AnswerLab, Apple, Bank of Ireland, Citi, Cook Medical, Diligent,  DocuSign, Ford,  Google, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Microsoft, Penn Engineering, Qualtrics, Valeo, and Wayfair.

MSc IM careers graphic 2022

The University of Galway Career Development Centre provides high-quality career guidance and information services focused on facilitating and empowering our students to manage their own career development and make effective career transitions. Services include Jobs Fairs, Seminars and panel discussions, Employer Presentations / Activities Workshops and support with applications and work-related skills.  

International Seminar Week

The students on the MSc in International Management will undertake an international trip to the FIU campus in Miami and during the week students will visit local multinational firms in Florida. Designed to broaden students' understanding of international business through hands-on learning in a foreign country, the international seminar week is one of the most exciting and memorable aspects of the MSc in International Management programme. 

This year we kicked off the week at FIU Business School with presentations from academics and entrepreneurs in the field of International Business, following that we had the pleasure of visiting a wide range of globally focused organisations including Interport Logistics, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Innovation Lab, Global logistics firm WDTC, The International Trade Commission and OldCastle APG CRH

Applied Projects

A significant aspect of the modules delivered as part of the MSc in International Management programme involve applied projects with students working in diverse teams and working to a deadline.  Examples include:

As part of International Entrepreneurship, students are required to produce an international startup idea, develop a pitch, submit a business canvas and develop an international proposal for a startup.

We are delighted that a team of students from our 2022-23 class were the winning entry for the University of Galway IdeasLab 2023 edition of its highly acclaimed Start100 programme, which showcased innovative ideas of 12 teams of aspiring student entrepreneurs.

Their winning startup idea was LambCam, a software application to help farmers monitor sheep’s behaviour on camera during lambing season, securing €5,000 in funding.

The Start100 programme is an intensive six-week programme run out of University of Galway’s IdeasLab – the student innovation hub, open to all disciplines, located at the heart of the campus.


‌From left, Jenny Mullery, IdeasLab; Helen McBreen, Partner at Atlantic Bridge and judge of the competition; Paul Merriman, CEO Fairstone, judge and prize sponsor; members of the winning team LambCam, Michelle O’Donnell, Shan Pereira and Maria Comas; Chloe Heffernan of Glo By Chlo and the ‘One to Watch’ awardee; Evelyn O’Toole, CEO CLS Labs and judge; and Neil Ferguson, IdeasLab. Credit – Martina Regan.

As part of International HRM, students are assigned a recent cross-border merger or acquisition and in teams address the key international human resource management challenges of the respective deals.

01 MSc IM applied projects photo

Guest Speaker Masterclasses

Guest speakers add another dimension to the MSc in International Management programme. Guest speakers represent small to large international organisations and have included:

  • John Power, CEO Aerogen.
  • Paul Scully, VP Human Resource Management, Director EMEA INTEL Corporation.
  • Peter Ryan, Director, People Analytics Global Human Resources, Schneider Electric.
  • Geard Hussey, Xocet Consulting.
  • Max Darby, Data Scientist, Musgrave.
  • Ronan Conlon, Human Capital Insights APAC & Greater China, Medtronic.
  • Sean Egan, Global Director of Marketing, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging.
  • Guillaume Jaubert, Head Officer of Strategic Marketing in the Innovation Department, Latécoère, France.
  • Julie Vuillemin, Global Key Account Manager at Safran, France.

Guest Speakers from small to large organisations including Intel, Aerogen, Schneider Electric, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, Mugrave, Xocet Consulting. 


Scholarships for MSc in International Mangagement

University of Galway Scholarships

Student blog

Learn more about International Management from our Education in Ireland Student Ambassador Anish. Read his blog here.

Who’s Suited to This Course

This course is open to both business and non-business graduates. 

This programme attracts students from a wide range of diverse academic backgrounds including Software Engineering, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Fashion, Corporate Law, Business, Arts and Languages. This makes for a very interesting learning environment. Core to semester 2, is the International Study Seminar week which is designed to sensitise students to business cultures around the world. It gives students the ability to understand different geographic contexts in terms of international business and how to manage effectively in this context. 

Alumni Network

The MSc in International Management has a strong alumni located across four continents. Our objective is to strengthen the ties between the Discipline of Management at the J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, our current students and our graduates. We communicate through our alumni group in LinkedIn, and the aim is to facilitate professional and social contacts between graduates and the Discipline of Management with a focus on creating a strong alumni network that supports its members by sharing knowledge and job opportunities. The alumni group helps locate MSc in International Management alumni connect across a wide variety of employer organisations who are working in areas of interest to you. Employers of previous graduates of the programme include Penn Engineering, Diligent, Cook Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Bank of Ireland, Qualtrics, AnswerLab, DocuSign, HubSport, Ford, Valeo, Siteminder, Amazon Web Services, Liberty Mutual, Paddy Power and Three Ireland. It will also help you to become reacquainted with friends from your graduating class.

Learning Outcomes

Transferable Skills Employers Value

Work Placement

Study Abroad

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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€11,140 p.a. (including levy) 2024/25

Fees: Tuition

€11,000 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Student levy

€140 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Non EU

€20,000 p.a. (€20,140 including levy) 2024/25

Postgraduate students in receipt of a SUSI grant—please note an F4 grant is where SUSI will pay €4,000 towards your tuition (2024/25).  Youare liable for the remainder of the total fee.  A P1 grant is where SUSI will pay tuition up to a maximum of €6,270. SUSI will not cover the levy of €140.

Fee breakdown = Tuition (EU or NON EU) + Student levy as outlined above.

Non-EU Stayback Visa here.

€1,000 additional contribution for international trip.

Find out More

For further information on the MSc in International Management Programme, please contact the Programme Director Dr Denise Holland who will be happy to chat with you.


Dr Denise Holland
T: +353 91 492 020

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What Our Students Say


William Fouéré |   Project Coordinator at Inceptua Berlin

Having been born in Ireland yet spending most of my third level education abroad, I was very keen to come back to Galway to finish my studies. With globalisation becoming mainstream, International Management aligned perfectly with my aspirations to work internationally. Its modules were diverse enough to cover multiple aspects of management including HR, finance, and management. The mix of theory-heavy and applied modules made the course more interesting allowing me to gain valuable insights into the business world and make some amazing contacts for the future. I opted for the trip to Toulouse which was offered and I found very interesting. The aspect of my Masters that I will take away with me is the people I met during the course, both the lecturers and course director along with my fellow students. Although the class comprised of many different nationalities, there was a sense of pure friendship between each individual where everyone helped each other. Overall, I believe this Masters has been a wonderful and enlightening experience that has prepared me for my future career in management.

Basant Kumar |   Product Analyst Fidelity Investments

Change is the only constant, with that in my mind I wanted to experience something different after serving 4 years in IT industry. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and was looking for a course which could be aligned with my past experience. The field of management has always been attracting me but I wasn't sure which domain. MSc. International Management provided me the glimpse of all the managerial fields which helped me understand and decide my calling. On top of that Ireland is really warm, rich and accepting country with Galway being cultural hub and the global presence of NUIG my academic experience was amazing.

Ruthradevi Karunanithi |   Senior Site Reliability Engineer

With my 6 years of experience in the field of IT, I was aspiring to become a part of management which intrigued me to pursue Masters in International Management. All my internet researches landed me onto Ireland as the best place to do Masters. I chose NUIG for International Management as it is the award-winning program and it has almost all the functional areas of management. Not only with the course, there are many extracurricular activities, personality and career development skills made available by the university. There are professors who are there for you to guide you through and they are easily approachable and extremely helpful when proceeding further with the career growth.

Akriti Sharma |   Senior Business Consultant at Fidelity Investments

The MSc (International Management) has helped me set a clear direction for my career and attain a role in a leading tech organization (TradeIX) as a Business Analyst.

Chinedu Raphael |   Program Manager at Quora

I liked how the course allowed me to gain a good understanding of international management and global business from a practical point of view. The international Business simulation trip gave me first-hand practical experience on how to do business and was a very important part of the whole course.

Anish Umarjikar |   Senior EDI Engineer at Infineon Technologies

Quality education, cultural diversity, and global presence are the reasons why I chose NUI Galway. I haven’t been happier in my educational life!

Patricia A. Akudjedu |   Finance Assistant Manager at Commission Apostolic Trust Ltd

My time as an International student studying outside of my home country (Ghana) for the first time, has been a period of intellectual, professional and socio-cultural transformation. Not only did the MSc. International Management programme help me gain analytical research skills and in-depth knowledge and expertise in the principles and application of business and management models from a global perspective but more importantly, it helped me experience new cultures. Being part of culturally diverse groups helped me gain cross-cultural and inter-cultural skills.

Clare Garrity |   Business Operations Lead Canny

Choosing this course was a no-brainer, as the MSc in International Management was voted best business postgraduate course in Ireland in 2013. I would definitely recommend this Conversion Course. Coming from a Science background I was worried about being out of my depth, however I found the material really easy to understand (if you put your mind to it!). The lecturers are very approachable and I really felt like I got a good grasp on the material. Our international trip was another enticing factor, however even without this element I would still highly recommend this course to anyone considering furthering their business studies, or who wants to jump into the deep end and immerse themselves in international management.

Deborah Mireles |   Teaching Staff at University of Galway

In 2016, I completed a master’s degree in International Management. This course was a perfect balance between theory and practice and allowed me to deeply immerse myself in the international business world. Moreover, I learnt how to work in a culturally diverse environment as there were around seven different nationalities in our class. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge for my future career, but I was left with friendships that I will treasure forever.

Rahul Dewan |   Program Manager - B2B EU Sales, Wayfair

Having had a few years of work experience, I was looking for a course that would create a steppingstone to take me to the next level in my career. The course that I chose was exceptional with a varied subject curriculum from Strategic Management to International Human Resource Management to Financial Management. It educates one about various managerial aspects in a cross-cultural environment. The IM course at NUIG has helped me to develop key employability skills applicable in Ireland, such as critical thinking, analytical mindset and dealing with ambiguous data on a regular basis. Additionally, the teaching staff are always there to help you evolve with the continuous support they offer, while the university itself lets you develop a multi-dimensional personality through participation in various student communities like the Students Union.

Sheila Kearney |   Large Enterprise Account Exec, Sprinklr

The MSc in International Management programme was an ideal choice for me in pursuing a global career. The practical elements of the course gave me genuine exposure to the international business environment, and proved fundamental in securing employment with a US technology company in the early phases of its international expansion. The guidance provided by the faculty is superb and the small class sizes facilitate interaction and a great class dynamic.

Oisin Molloy |   Manager | People Consulting | EY

Coming from a non-business background, I wanted to find a reputable course that facilitated for the transition into the business sphere by encompassing as many areas of international business as possible. The M.Sc. in International Management more than catered for this need, boasting a prospectus of modules covering the entire breadth of international business; from macro-economics and international corporate finance to international marketing, human resources and innovation management. The M.Sc. in International Management gave me an excellent foundation in both the theory and practicalities of modern, global business and ensured a successful career conversion in the space of twelve, short months

Darryl Durham |   Contract Analyst II, ICON plc

The programme at NUI Galway provided me with a global perspective of culture from the business standpoint of international affairs. The MSc International Management Program at NUI Galway provided me with the foundation to build a successful path to where I am today. It not only prepared me for the workforce, but also prepared me with the hands-on experience I needed to progress in my career. I am proudly an essential part of a Fortune-500, multi-dimensional, international company, and I give credit to my time and experiences in Ireland and NUI Galway

New Partnership with Florida Internation

This trip, the Global Leadership Pathway, is one of the most exciting and memorable aspects of both the MSc IM and MIB programmes. It is designed to broaden students' understanding of international business through hands-on learning in a foreign country.  NUI Galway MSc IM students will visit FIU College of Business for one week in May 2023. 

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