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Corona Citizens Science Project

The Corona Citizens Science project is a national anonymous online survey aiming to understand how the Corona pandemic and the corresponding restrictive measures are impacting on life in Ireland.

On June 17, nearly 3,000 people responded to Wave 5 of the survey. Some of the findings include:

  • 50% indicated that they feel the government is balancing the removal of restrictions with that of social and economic well-being.  
  • 52% of respondents reported wearing face masks while 73% of respondents said they would wear a face mask if it meant reducing the distance from 2 metres to 1 metre. 
  • Half of all respondents said they adhered to all the restrictions that were in place while 44% said they broke some of them occasionally.  
  • 73% said Covid-19 had no impact on their sex life. However, 42% of those under 25 and a third of 25-35 year olds said it had a negative impact. 
  • 46% of people said they smoked more during the lockdown and half of the respondents said their drinking habits had changed. The survey found that four out of every ten began to exercise more. 

For more information, see the results below.

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Results so far

  • Wave 1 (Apr 8) results are available here
  • Wave 2 (Apr 22) results are available here 
  • Wave 3 (May 6) results are available here  
  • Wave 4 (Jun 17) results are available here  


Research Partners

This work is a collaboration between researchers at

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Supporting Partners

We'd like to acknowledge the support of the partners below who have been extremely helpful and supportive of this work.

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You Can Help

Thanks to everyone who took part to help us understand how the restrictive measures are impacting you.

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This study is being conducted by researchers from NUI Galway & Dublin City University in partnership with the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics.