Our research in the School of History and Philosophy is situated between Ireland and the world, paying attention to the importance of the local context in the understanding of global issues in historical and philosophical terms.  We have a vibrant team of academic staff, research fellows, and postgraduate students working in school-led research clusters and collaborating in research centres within the university. Across these activities our staff also collaborate with international scholars and practitioners through a variety of research networks and centres of excellence.


Signature Research Themes

The research expertise of the School’s staff covers a range of topics but we excel collectively in the following thematic areas of research:


Environment and Nature

Religion and Faith/Beliefs in Society

Childhood, Youth and Gender

Ethics, Technology and Justice

State and Society

Culture and Creativity


For further information on the activities of staff in the above areas, please see the research sections of the disciplines of History and Philosophy.


Research Centres

The School is associated with the following centres of research at the University of Galway, of which its staff are founders and constituent members:

Centre of Bioethical Research and Analysis 

Insight Centre for Data Analytics 

Centre for Antique, Medieval and Pre-Modern Studies 

Centre for the Investigation of Transnational Encounters 

Centre for the Study of Religion 

Irish Centre for Histories of Labour and Class 

UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre