Webinar on "Slavery, Race, and Covid-19" - Tuesday 19 May @ 4pm

May 13 2020 Posted: 16:08 IST
Slavery, Race, and Covid-19

The unfolding corona virus crisis has revealed deep structures of inequality manifested in the death toll in the United States and other countries. This seminar examines patterns of racism and legacies of slavery that have informed the pandemic, especially in the US and UK.

Prof. Enrico Dal Lago (History/Moore Institute)
Prof. Eric Foner (Columbia University)
Prof. Koritha Mitchell (Ohio State University)
Prof. Kerry Sinanan (University of Texas San Antonio and former Moore Institute fellow)
It's great to have such a diverse and distinguished group of contributors. Eric Foner is a Pulitzer Prize winning historian and a leading authority on US history. Enrico is the author of five monographs on slavery and comparative history. Kerry Sinanan was here for two years as a visiting fellow in the Moore Institute, with a book coming out on slave masters; and Koritha Mitchell is author of an important book, Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930.
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