Education during Covid-19: precarity, privilege, purpose

Apr 29 2020 Posted: 13:58 IST

Thursday 30th April - 4pm

The Covid-19 crisis has led to the mass closure of educational institutions and an ensuing scramble to provide schooling at home. Aspects of the education system normally taken for granted have come into relief in the midst of a new sense of precarity. This seminar looks at pressing concerns emerging from current research on education provision, such as the exacerbation of existing educational inequities and the pivot to technology. We also consider longer-term implications and ask whether this could be an opportunity to reimagine education and schooling. 

Participants (all NUI Galway): 

Dr Manuela Heinz (chair)

Dr Cornelia Connolly

Dr Tony Hall

Dr Ian Munday

Dr Clíona Murray

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