Bairéad Collection

This large collection relates to the work of Stiophán Bairéad, the first treasurer of Conradh na Gaeilge (the Gaelic League) and includes personal correspondence, letters, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and pamphlets relating to Conradh na Gaeilge. Also includes papers regarding the work of Bairéad’s children, who worked with the Irish Folklore Commission and the National Museum of Ireland. 

Ballintubber Abbey

Collection of documents relating to the restoration of Ballintubber Abbey, Co. Mayo, in the 1960s. Known as the Abbey that "refused to die", the collection includes numerous photographs and newspaper clippings relating to the old Abbey and the decision by locals to restore it.

Barnacle, Annie, Papers relating to the Will of

This collection includes letters from James Joyce’s wife, Nora Barnacle, as well as legal correspondence relating to Nora’s mother, Annie. The papers describe the misplacement of Annie’s will, which created complications in the legal case, as well as material dealing with funeral arrangements, bills, and income assessments.

Blake of Ballyglunin Papers

Papers and correspondence relating to the Blakes of Ballyglunin, a family who used their merchant wealth to buy and lease lands in counties Galway, Cork and Dublin. By the 19 th century, they had amassed an extensive estate and lent money to many Galway merchant families. This collection relates more to the French Rahasane family, however, and includes their estate papers, genealogy, lease agreements, and legal documents.

Broderick, Peter, Prison Diary

Copy of the prison diary of Peter Broderick of Athenry, Co. Galway. Broderick was arrested under the "Inciting to Boycott" Act and placed in Galway jail in 1881. The diary includes accounts of his arrest, as well as entries detailing his time in prison, personal letters, interaction with other inmates, and his writings on British rule in Ireland.

Brown Family of Brownville

The genealogical "pedigree" of the Brown Family of Brownville, Co. Galway. The document details marriages, siblings, children, and the extended family of one of the important gentry families of Co. Galway. Includes a family photograph as well as a photograph of the Lynch wall, near St. Nicholas’ church, Galway city.

Cairnes, Professor John E.

Letters of Dr. John Cairnes, lecturer at Queen’s College Galway in the mid-19 th century. The collection includes letters pertaining to the university, as well as letters of business interests and banking details. They include a letter to Mr. Cochrane, Manager of Agra and Masterson bank, Calcutta, expecting to hear from him following the collapse of Agra Bank in 1867.

Cheevers Papers

Memoir written in 1936 by Frederica Cheevers about her life and the history of the Cheevers family of Kilyan, Co. Galway. The family left Kilyan in the 1930s and relocated to England. Cheevers’ writing illustrates the relationships between landlords and tenants and other societal attitudes of the era.

Clancarty Papers

A collection of numerous letters addressed to two Countesses of Clancarty by members of the Trench family, who originally settled near Ballinasloe, Co. Galway in the 1630s. The letters describe both international and local events, as well as family and domestic matters, throughout most of the 19 th century. Victorian perspectives and imperialistic ideals are clearly seen throughout. 

Cleaver Estates

Account book of John Carson, agent for the Rev. William Cleaver, relating to the administration of the Cleaver estate between 1834-1840. The collection includes correspondence about lands held and a memorandum on the division of a bog on the estate into eleven parts in 1835.

Connacht Tribune, Special Edition

Copy of a special edition of the Connacht Tribune, reporting on "rumours" of a rising in Ireland in 1916. The edition also includes a report on the activity of the British Navy in Galway Bay in reaction to the Rising.

Daly Family of Dunsandle, Legal Items

Two legal documents relating to the Daly family estate of 1751-1951, located near Loughrea, Co. Galway. The first is a copy of a rental agreement for certain estates held by James Daly, including acreage, tenants’ names and annual rent, and leasing agreements. The second is a copy of a valuation of household goods, including silver, horses, carriages, machinery, etc, and gives the value of each item in the house by room.

Daly Family of Dunsandle Papers

A collection of the documents of Daly, the Mayor of Galway in 1765, and his son Denis, MP for the Galway Borough, who represented the county from 1768-1791. The archive includes deeds and legal papers, tenancy agreements, marriage settlements, transfers of investments, payments of death duties, personal correspondence, schedules, and manuscript notes. Clearly illustrates 18 th century land-owners’ attitudes toward tenants.

Doberty, Professor Richard, Papers

Academic papers of Dr. Richard Doberty, a professor of midwifery at Queen’s College Galway in the mid-19 th century. The papers include meticulously kept notebooks and lecture notes, lists of patients, and patient histories. An insightful guide into women’s health and medical practices in the Victorian era.

Dhomhnaill, Nuala Ní

Catalogued listing of the items in the archive of Irish language poet Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, held in full at the National Library of Ireland. The catalogue includes listings for thousands of letters of correspondence, as well as first, second, and third drafts of poems.

Druid Theatre Company

Production and administration material on the Druid Theatre Company, founded in 1975 in Galway. The collection contains information regarding the Theatre Company’s founding, growth, and development, as well as press releases, reviews, programmes, and photographs of every production since its inception.

Ealaíon Seodadh Bád Chonamara

Copy of a 1988 manuscript by Pádraig Ó Feargháil on the sailing boats of Galway, including information about the history and construction of boats such as the Galway Hooker, the Gleoiteog, the Púcán, and others. The manuscript also includes chapters on boatmen and boatmakers.

Eyre Family deeds

Papers relating to the Eyre family, one of the most successful of the Protestant families to settle in Galway beginning in the 17 th century. The archive contains information regarding the Eyre family into the 19 th century, and includes leases, tenancies, and actions for the recovery of lands.

Galway Archaeological and Historical Society

Book of minutes of the general meetings of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society from 1900-1960. The volume includes minutes of the preliminary meeting of the Society, where Mr. P.C. Trench and Mr. William Daly suggest that "a Society be now formed for the study and investigation of the history, antiquities, and folklore of the town and country of Galway and its surroundings".

Galway Arts Festival

Material relating to the development and administration of the Galway Arts Festival, held each July in Galway city. Covering the period between 1979 and 1997, this collection contains press releases, brochures, film fleadh programmes, directories of businesses involved, information on the Macnas theatre group, and synopses of events

Galway Bay, plans for the defence of

Copy of a book containing ideas and observations on the defence of Galway Bay at the end of the 18 th century. The volume contains notes on artillery pieces, sketches, and detailed accounts of breaches of discipline. The original is available in microfilm form at the National Library of Ireland.

Galway City Heritage Survey

Books containing the Galway City Heritage Survey, the Quincentennial contribution of An Taisce to Galway City. The volumes include information about the archaeological l heritage of Galway, as well as drawings, plans, and photographs, all in very good condition.

Galway, Oughterard, and Clifden Tramway and Light Railway Company

Material relating to the founding of the Galway, Oughterard, and Clifden Tramway and Light Railway Company in the late 19 th century. The collection includes details of the foundation of the company and railway, personal letters detailing the process, newspaper clippings, disagreements about finances, and weekly earnings sheets for the Irish railways.

Grace Asylum, Journal of the Committee of Ladies Visiting

Bound book containing names, dates and entries of various Galway society ladies visiting the Grace Asylum, a home for women on Nun’s Island, Galway. The ladies often read to the inmates, and notes of dates, times and women’s names are included in the earlier entries. The volume clearly illustrates attitudes of the era regarding gender and class.

Hearne of Hearnebrook Papers

The papers of John Hearnes and family, who settled in Connacht in the early 17 th century. The material deals with the division of Connacht in the 17 th-19 th centuries and includes deeds of sale, legal documents, and deeds of grants of land.

Hyde, Douglas

Bound photograph album of the Hyde family from the late 19 th century. Includes irreplaceable and rarely seen photographs of the family, family pets, homes, and land. A valuable photographic history of the era.

Hyde, Catalogue of the Library of Douglas

Copy of the catalogue of the library of Douglas Hyde, put up for sale in Dublin following Hyde’s death in 1949. The catalogue includes bibles, poetry, essays, foreign language dictionaries, Irish language volumes, philosophy, and a large and extensive fiction section.

John McGahern Papers

Collection of documents belonging to the author John McGahern. The archive includes typescript drafts of The Barracks, The Dark, The Pit, and Episodes from a Novel, as well as personal letters, reviews, handwritten edits and drafts, and manuscript books.

Joyce Papers

Copy of the previously unknown James Joyce manuscripts, acquired by the National Library of Ireland in 2002. Includes early material, notes and drafts on Ulysses, proofs and additions to proofs for Finnegan’s Wake, as well as Joyce’s notes on the works of other authors.

Kelly and D’Arcy Deeds

Five deeds relating to the Kelly family of Fidaun, Co. Galway and the D’Arcy family of New Forest, Co. Galway. The D’Arcys purchased a portion of the Kelly estate in the early 1850s, which was in financial trouble at the time. The collection includes assignment of mortgages, equity of redemption in lands in Loughrea, and deeds of release.

Kinvara Harbour proposed extension, Co. Galway

Kinvara, which formed part of the Blake Forster estate in the later 19 th century, was considered by the family for a proposed harbour extension in 1891.  In an attempt to improve the economy of the area, the family engaged a Civil Engineer to draw up proposals for the repair and extension of the harbour. The archive includes cost estimates, plans for improvements, drawings, copy drafts of specifications, and rough sketches.

Kirwans of Castle Hackett, Co. Galway

Papers relating to the Kirwans, an important land-holding and merchant family in Galway from the late 17 th to the 19 th century. The Castle Hacket branch of the family was established in the mid-17 th century by John Kirwan. The items include legal material, deeds and settlements, estate management material and maps and surveys of lands from Co. Galway in the 18 th and 19 th centuries.

Kirwan, Patrick

Papers of Patrick Kirwan, a member of the powerful Kirwan family of Co. Galway. Includes a large folder of newspaper clippings on Patrick Kirwan, as well as framed family photographs.

Lyric Theatre/O’Malley Collection

The papers of Pearse and Mary O’Malley, which include numerous references and material relating to the Lyric Players Theatre Company (Belfast). There are annual reports, minutes of meetings, letters of correspondence, photographs, and programmes from every production from 1953-1982. The archive also contains material relating to Threshold, a literary journal co-edited by O’Malley, the Belfast Corporation, and Mater Hospital.

Mac Énrí, Papers of Seághan P.

Appointed Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology at University College Galway in 1910, Dr. Mac Énrí also taught Irish and published the work, A Handbook of

Modern Irish. The collection includes both personal correspondence--which illustrate his passion toward Irish and his dedication to its teaching--and literary drafts of his writing, which show the clear development of A Handbook of Modern Irish and others.

Ó Cadhain, Máirtín, Catalogue

Catalogue of the papers and books of Irish language author, Máirtín Ó Cadhain. The volume, typed in Irish, extensively details Ó Cadhain’s archive, illustrating the breadth of literary volumes he possessed, as well as the range of his literary influences.

Ó Conaire, Pádraic

Photocopy of a 1925 letter hand-written by Ó Conaire to Tomás Ua Conchcainainn which details his biography, in Irish, from his birth in Galway in 1883 to his education and work as a Civil Servant in London. The letter also lists the works he has written.

Ó Conaire, Pádraic, Memorial

Papers relating to the building of a memorial to Pádraic Ó Conaire by the people  of Galway. The collection includes the commissioning of a sculptor, the people and businesses involved, details relating to the design of the memorial, as well as articles and newspaper clippings relating to the unveiling of the statue by President de Valera in 1935.

Ó Conchubhair, Liam

Papers relating to the Taibhdhearc actor, Liam Ó Conchubhair, from 1950-1970. Includes scrapbooks, photographs, playbooks, programmes, and original newspaper clippings. An invaluable source of information about drama and theatre in Galway.

O’Connor Donellan Papers

Papers of the O’Connor Donellan family of Tuam, Co. Galway. Most documents relate to Thomas O’Connor Donellan (1812-1874) and his sons. The collection includes wills, marriage settlements, lease and tenancy agreements, surveys, photographs, genealogy, and newspaper clippings. Clearly illustrates roles and attitudes of gentry families of the era.

O’Sullivan, Prof. Mary Donovan

Papers of Dr. Mary Donovan O’Sullivan, a professor of History at University College Galway from 1912-1957. The collection includes scores of hand-written notebooks and lecture notes on history, political science, and banking in Ireland and England. Illustrates history from her unique perspective.

Seoighe, Tadhg papers

Material relating to Seoighe’s work as an agent for the Congested Districts Board on the Aran Islands. The archive includes dealings with revenue commissioners, the Great Southern Railway Company, drafts of stories, poems, songs, and material relating the Joyce family farm, Renmore, Co. Galway, 1886-1945.

Shields, Arthur, Family Collection

Collection given to University College Galway by Arthur Shields’ daughter in 2004. Includes information about the Abbey theatre and its productions, copies of play scripts, newspaper clippings, personal possessions, photographs, notes on Abbey theatre tours to America, programmes, and audio tapes. Illustrates Shields’ importance to theatre and the greater cultural revival in Ireland.

Taibhdhearc, Minutes of Coiste na Dramuidheachta Gaillimhe

The first minute book of Coiste na Dramuidheachta Gaillimhe in 1947, the founding body of the Taibhdhearc Theatre, in Galway. Minutes include attendance, financial details, structural alterations and decisions regarding the design of the theatre, as well as questions regarding the distribution of royalties.

Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe Collection

Large collection from the Taibhdhearc theatre of Galway. The archive includes minutes of meetings, correspondence with artistic directors, letters relating to the Departments of Finance, Education, and the Gaeltacht, as well as renovations, scripts, and correspondence relating to all Taibhdhearc productions from its founding in 1928 to 1990.

Taispeántais Chois-Fharraige

An event programme for a meeting to sell Conamara ponies in An Spideál from August, 1950. The programme lists the class of pony, name of seller, and rules governing the event. An important source of local history.

Vallancey, Charles

Letter from Charles W. Vallancey to the Rev. W. Maurice, a librarian in the British Museum in London.  Long before Bob Quinn’s The Atlantean, Charles Vallancey theorized that the foundation of Irish civilization lay in the East. The letter is a passionate request to the librarian to consider his theories.

Wade Papers

Papers of the Wade family of Aughrim, Co. Galway, a family of Cromwellian-era settlers. The collection includes correspondence relating to the management of Wade family farms and clearly illustrate the imperialist attitudes of land-holding classes of the time.

Wilson Lynch Papers

Collection of estate papers relating to the Wilson Lynch family, a 19 th century Catholic land-owning family in Co. Galway. The papers include Major John Wilson Lynch’s administration of two estates, as well as mortgages, a legal case, and finances.