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Our reputation is built on the achievements of our graduates- healthcare workers who have settled all around in Ireland and across the world, to bring their expertise and passion to their practice, research and pursuit of healthcare since the foundation of this University in 1845.

We know that lasting friendships were built at NUI Galway and we want to help maintain connections and build our global network.

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How our research community have responded to the covid crisis

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We've been healthcare providers since the foundation of the University


We've been awarding gold medals for excellence for over 100 years


The first class to graduate virtually

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Our world-class researchers are at the forefront of research and innovation, impacting at the highest levels with a patient-centered approach.

Age-related conditions, cancer, chronic diseases, infection, and mental health are the major health challenges facing our society and economy. At the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences our research aims to address these challenges. We have distinctive thematic research areas that are inter-linked and encompass basic discovery science, clinical/translational investigation and population/ societal health research.

We integrate our distinctive thematic research areas, purposefully strengthening our partnerships with the regional healthcare and industry sectors, which enables us to deliver collaborative, internationally impactful, health challenge- focussed projects.

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NUI Galway is proud to have a global alumni network. We have been sending our graduates out to the world since the foundation of the University in 1845. Learn more about their journeys, and contribute your journey to the collection. 

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"During his time in Galway from 1849 to 1863 Professor Charles Croker King, the Foundation Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, organised an excellent Anatomy Department which included a useful Museum of Human and Comparative Anatomy. The emphasis in his teaching was on surgical anatomy and he made special arrangements with the Surgeon in the County Infirmary to enable him to conduct bedside teaching in surgery and demonstrate operative surgery there."

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