Welcome to the Website for the Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy (CHLRP)

Padraic KennaWelcome! ‌Housing law, rights and policy are now global issues. Here, at the Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy (CHLRP), we endeavor to create a space for a free and open discussion, combining research, resource development, advocacy and publications on housing law, rights and policy in Ireland, and internationally. The Centre is linked with many international organisations, such as the European Network of Housing Researchers, and the UNESCO Housing Chair in Tarragona, Spain, hosting visiting professors, researchers and IRC-funded PhD students.

We aim is to contribute to the development of housing law, rights and policy through research, conferences, lectures, training, advocacy, publications, specialist research and support to housing agencies and others. Current areas of research include housing rights in global housing markets, developing legislation on proportionality in housing, European mortgage market regulation and consumer protection, applying EU Charter housing rights to EU economic governance institutions, regulation of housing systems, and addressing implementation deficits in housing law and policy.
The Centre has been funded through research work for EU agencies, and by State bodies, and national and international philanthropic organisations.