Useful Housing Links


Housing For All  - A New Housing Plan for Ireland -
'Housing for All - A New Housing Plan for Ireland' is the governments housing plan to 2030. It is a multi-annual plan which will improve Ireland's housing system and deliver more homes of all types for people with different housing needs.  

The Housing Agency is a branch of government working with the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage, Local Authorities and (AHBs) in creating and sustaining adequate housing and housing services.

Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage  - 
The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage's mission is to support the sustainable and efficieent delivery of wee-planned homes and effective local government

Residential Tenancies Board  -
The Residential Tenancies Board is a public body set up to support and develop a well-functioning rental housing sector. Their remit extends Private Rental, Approved Housing Body (AHB) and Student Specific Accommodation sectors. 

The Irish Council for Social Housing -
The ICSH is the national social housing federation of non-profit voluntary and other housing associations. They represent 270 organisations that manage approx. 40,000 homes and house approx.100,000 families on low income, older people and people with disabilities.

Threshold: The National Housing Charity -
Threshold are a charity whose aim is to secure a right to housing, especially for those living in poverty and social exclusion. They campaign, analyse existing problems surrounding homelessness and seek innovative approaches to research these issues. 

Simon Community -
The Simon Community are a network of communities based all around Ireland who respond and facilitate to the needs of the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless.

National Economic and Social Council
NESC advises the Taoiseach and Government on strategic policy issues relating to sustainable economic, social and environmental development. NESC also operates on an international level liaising with the national and economic councils of other EU states.

Focus Ireland
Focus is an NGO geared towards not only providing advice, support and rehousing of the homeless and those at risk but also the end goal of ending homelessness in Ireland. 

Housing Finance Agency -
The Housing Finance Agency provides loan finance to local authorities, voluntary housing bodies and HEI's for housing and related topics. It also lends to local authorities for waste and environmental capital projects.


European Network for Housing Research -
The ENHR provides and organisational platform for institutions and individuals who are engaging in housing research. It is a platform that allows housing sector specialists, researchers and activists to discuss research approaches and outcomes, compare different European housing policies and much more.

CECODHAS Housing Europe -
Housing Europe id the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing. They provide access to adequate and affordable housing for those in communities which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. They also provide domiciliary care, employment and training centres and urban development.

FEANTSA is a European NGO focusing exclusively on the fight against homelessness. It brings together non-profit services supporting the homeless in Europe. The conduct research and data collection programmes, promote and facilitate the exchange of useful info and raise public awareness of the plight of homelessness.

Housing Rights Watch -
HRW is an interdisciplinary European Network of associations, lawyers and academics who promote the right to housing. They share info on legislative and judiciary initiatives, they monitor and intervene on the systematic denial of rights, monitor the development of the housing situation and support change in public policy.


The Shift restores the understanding of housing as home, challenging how financial actors undermine the right to housing. The Shift connects those working to secure the Right to Housing bringing together governments, legislators, human rights organisations and more to provide a platform of communication on homelessness.

Habitat International Coalition-
HIC is an independent international non-profit coalition of organisations and individuals working as a non-governmental counterpart of the UN Commission on Human Settlements. HIC work to recognise, defend, and aid implementation of the right to housing and serve as a pressure group in defence of the rights of the homeless.

ESCR-Net -
ESCR-Net is led by members who build shared analysis, define strategies and undertake collective action through working groups. The working groups annually evaluate their progress, revise objectives and prioritize collective actions. Their work centres around advocacy, securing justice for ESCR violations and counter repression.

National Economic & Social Rights Initiative -
Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly the above) supports struggles led by those impacted by inequality, inequity and injustice. Their objectives centre around strengthening public goods, advancing equality and justice and building power in communities that need it.