University of Galway Law (BCL) and Human Rights Student Creates Educational Video-Clip on EU Citizenship ‘as Gaeilge’

May 08 2024 Posted: 12:37 IST
Clare Imbusch, a 3rd-year Law (BCL) and Human Rights student at University of Galway, has created an educational video-clip in Irish about EU citizenship as part of the Case4EU project by KU Leuven. Currently studying in Belgium on an Erasmus year, Clare is working with the project to promote the importance of EU citizenship and encourage secondary school students to understand and engage with European values.
The video-clip, "Saoránach AE, an bhfuil sé tábhachtach?" provides a clear understanding of the EU's role in our lives, emphasising the benefits, rights, and obligations of EU membership. Clare also contributed an explanatory note in Irish to accompany the video, providing further insights into the project's aims and purpose.
The project seeks to foster meaningful discussions around the European Union in secondary schools and beyond, especially with the upcoming European elections. The President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Professor Koen Lenaerts, has validated the content of the educational materials, ensuring their accuracy and importance. The project is supported by the Lenaerts-Grimonprez Fund and the European Commission.


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