NEW Partnership between University of Galway School of Law and BARBRI

Jan 17 2024 Posted: 13:15 GMT

University of Galway School of Law and BARBRI have formed a partnership arrangement which will give our law students discounted access to BARBRI training for the New York State Bar Exam and the Solicitors Qualifying Exam for England and Wales. Students registering for BARBRI’s training course for either of these exams will be entitled to a discount of 20% off the published price.

In addition to these guaranteed discounts on BARBRI training, BARBRI will also be offering our law students access to a number of online training events throughout the academic year, on topics such as SQE taster sessions, SQE and US Bar information sessions, and employability skills sessions. 

BARBRI have online resources that you can use to learn more about the SQE, the US bar and legal careers more generally. See their student landing page for some English law-related resources, such as ‘SQE Edge’, a bank of 100 taster SQE MCQs, as well as ‘SQE Head Start’, a platform with various legal careers resources. You can also read about the US bar exam here.

Upcoming start dates for BARBRI training courses are as follows:

  • SQE1 July 40-week starting late September/early October
  • SQE1 July 20-week starting mid-February
  • SQE1 July 10-week starting late April/Early May
  • SQE1 January 40-week starting early April
  • SQE1 January 20-week starting late August
  • SQE1 January 10-week starting late October
  • Extended US bar prep July 6-month starting February
  • Extended US bar prep July 10-month starting September
  • Extended US bar prep February 6-month starting September
  • Extended US bar prep February 10-month starting April

Commenting on the new partnership, Dean of University of Galway School of Law, Professor Martin Hogg, said: “This new partnership is an exciting one for the Law School, as it will ensure that Galway Law students have access to the expert training provided by BARBRI, which is a world leader in training for the SQE and NY Bar exams. As a number of our law graduates seek to enter the legal profession in England and Wales and in New York each year, they will now benefit directly from discounted training for professional bar exams as well as legal skills training during their time as students. This is great news for our students and we’re looking forward to working closely with BARBRI over the coming years to ensure that those students who choose to do so will have the best chance of following a successful career path in England & Wales or in the USA.


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