BENEFIT Project Team


The BENEFIT project is led by a team of researchers from the University of Galway, and Maynooth University with collaborators from University College Dublin (UCD).  Dr James McGrath and Dr Miriam Byrne will together take the lead on the project along with University of Galway PhD student Adam Collison.

Team Profiles

Dr James McGrath

Dr James McGrath

Dr James A. McGrath,
Assistant Professor, 
Departmental of Experimental Physics,
Maynooth University,


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Dr James A. McGrath (BSc, PGDip, PhD, CPhys) is an Assistant Professor at Maynooth University and a member of MU’s ICARUS Research Institute. His research activities include fundamental and applied research in the field of the indoor built environment, where he focuses on indoor environmental quality, aerosol science and building ventilation. His recent work focusses on assessing climate change adaptation measures and implications for large-scale national retrofit, where he is currently leading and collaborating on several projects in this remit. He has over 80 research publications, including journals, conference proceedings/abstracts, and technical reports. 

He currently serves on the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ)'s Board of Directorsthe leading research society in his field. He is also the lead Irish representative on the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) Board. In addition to being a plenary speaker at several international conferences, he has been an invited expert advisor to the steering committee for the National Radon Control Strategy. He has a wealth of experience in public outreach and has played critical roles in scientific outreach at high-profile events. He regularly engages with multiple media outlets (tv productions, radio, print media) on the topic of indoor air quality and ventilation. 

Dr Miriam Byrne

Dr Miriam Byrne

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Dr Miriam Byrne

Senior Lecturer
School of Natural Sciences
College of Science and Engineering
University of Galway
Tel: +353 91 493394

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Dr Miriam Byrne (PhD Imperial College) has a long-recognised reputation for contributing at an international level to indoor air pollution research. Miriam has more than 100 journal, conference, and book chapter outputs, has held membership of the editorial board for Atmospheric Environment, a key journal, and has held the Presidency of The Aerosol Society of the UK and Ireland.

Over the last two decades, she has participated in research grants from agencies such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the European Commission. These projects include an SEAI/EPA co-funded pilot study on measuring air pollutant concentrations in energy efficient homes (EPA2009-SS-74), the longer EPA 2012-EH-PhD-10 project on the same topic, and PI for the EPA-funded UNVEIL project (March 2016-Feb 2017), in which radon concentrations in energy-retrofitted buildings were simulated. Miriam has previously had two grants under the 2014 (thermal modelling) and 2017 (radon entry rate measurement) SEAI RD&D programmes, respectively. Her PhD and postdoctoral work was in the area of radiological risk assessment following nuclear accidents.

Mr Adam Collison

Adam Collison

Adam Collison is a PhD student in the Ryan Institute here at University of Galway.

PhD Student,
School of Natural Sciences,
College of Science and Engineering,
University of Galway,



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Adam Collison (BSc) is a PhD student in the Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies within the School of Natural Sciences at University of Galway.  He graduated from University of Galway's BSc. in Physics with Applied Physics programme, receiving first-class honours.  His research interests lie in the fields of indoor air quality, building monitoring and ventilation strategies.  His final year project titled “Evaluating Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Hand Sanitiser Products” investigated airborne concentrations of compounds emitted from ‘pandemic’ products.  Adam is a member of the Aerosol Society in the UK and Ireland.

Indoor Air Quality and thermal comfort in offices and schools