Subject Exemptions

Shannon College accepts NUI exemptions for any of the minimum entry subject requirements. For further details on applying through the CAO for Shannon College with exemptions, please contact the Admissions Officer, Ms. Joan Markham:

Ms. Joan Markham
Ph: 091 497212

Disability Support Service

Shannon College is committed to equal opportunities and to supporting students with disabilities, long-term physical or mental health conditions, and specific learning disabilities. Students with disabilities are welcomed and reasonable accommodations will be offered if required.

Please contact Gwen Ryan if you have any questions relating to Disability Supports.

Gwen Ryan
Ph: 091 497220


How to apply for Disability Support?

If you have a disability and require personalised support, you are encouraged to register with the Disability Support Service. Please follow the three steps below to register with the Disability Support Service:

 1. What you need in order to apply

‌To submit an application to the DSS you must provide verification of your disability. This could be an Evidence of Disability Form ‌ ‌or a report confirming a diagnosis from an appropriate professional. Please see the table below for examples of the type of report accepted. 

If you do not have the document listed below, you may be eligible to apply to the service with other appropriate supporting documentation. If you have any questions relating to supporting documentation, please contact the Disability Support Service for advice at: 




Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Consultant Psychiatrist OR Psychologist OR Neurologist OR Paediatrician



Consultant Psychiatrist OR Psychologist OR Neurologist OR Paediatrician


Blind/Vision impaired

Ophthalmologist/Ophthalmic Surgeon OR Letter from NCBI OR attended school for the Blind


Deaf/Hard of hearing

Audiogram OR attended school for the Deaf


Neurological Condition

Neurologist OR relevant Consultant


Speech and Language Communication Disorder

Speech and Language Therapist



Orthopaedic Consultant OR relevant Specialist


Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia

Psychologist OR Occupational Therapist OR Chartered Physiotherapist OR Neurologist


Mental health condition

Consultant Psychiatrist OR Specialist Registrar


Significant Ongoing Illness

Relevant Consultant e.g. Diabetes Type 1: Endocrinologist or Paediatrician


Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia or Dyscalculia)

Educational Psychologist's report

2. Online Application Form

All students who wish to apply to the Disability Support Service must read this University of Galway DSS Data-protection Notice to understand the roles of confidentiality and consent when processing your personal information. 

When you have read the Data-Protection Notice, please complete this online application form

3. Needs Assessment

After you have completed and submitted the online form,  a member of the DSS team will conduct a needs assessment and offer appropriate supports and accommodations. 

Your supports and accommodations will be set out in a Learning and Educational Needs Summary (LENS) report which will be sent to you and to your College, School or Discipline. Supports and accommodations are approved on the basis of:

  • the nature and impact of your disability, health condition, or learning difficulty
  • the requirements of your academic course
  • national guidelines, for example: the Disability Advisors Working Network (DAWN) Guidelines to exam accommodations

For further details regarding the disability support registration process see the University of Galway DSS webpage.


Existing DSS-Registered Students

If you have already registered to avail of disability supports and services, you can make an appointment to check or revise your existing reasonable accommodations at any time.  

  • Book a disability advisor appointment or an assistive technology training appointment 

    Gwen Ryan is based in the Library and also offers online appointments.  If you want to talk about reviewing your LENS report or exam accommodations or about requesting alternative supports please use the link above to ensure she is available.  Gwen can also advise you on how to make best use of the software and hardware available to support your studies. 

  • Reserve the low distraction study booth

    This study booth is located at the entrance to the Library.  You must reserve the space in advance to avoid disappointment. Please take all of your belongings with you when you leave.


Assistive Technology

If you are eligible to register with the Disability Support Service, you may benefit from assistive technologies to mitigate the impact of your condition on your learning.

If you have been given software or hardware by the DSS please make an appointment to receive training so that you can maximize your benefit from this technology.


Other Useful Sites

  • Shannon College DSS YouTube Channel -Short videos to help you learn how to use AT effectively
  • University of Galway ISS software list - Information on softwares available on the NUI Galway network as well as download instructions for software available for home use.
  • SensusAccess - SensusAccess allows you to convert your readings and research into formats that you may find easier to work with, whether a Word file, e-book format, or MP3 file that you can listen to.
  • The AHEAD AT Hive - A repository of AT information and instructional content

Other University Supports

  • Academic Skills Hub - An online self-directed resource to help you improve in eight key academic skills that contribute to academic success. 
  • Academic Writing Centre - Supports all University of Galway students who require help with academic writing.  If you experience any challenges with your academic writing, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a AWC tutor.  A priority booking system for a ‘one to one’ virtual consultation is in place for students who are registered with the Disability Support Service.
  • Book an appointment with a librarian - for personal support with researching and preparing your academic assignments.
  • SUMS - supports University of Galway undergraduate students who require help with Mathematics. If you experience any challenges with Mathematics, you are strongly encouraged to contact SUMS. Students have the option of disclosing that they are registered with the Disability Support Service when booking a session with SUMS. If you disclose a disability, you will have the option to meet with the Director to discuss how SUMS can best support you.
  • Counselling Service
  • College Doctor
  • Health & Wellbeing Resources


Services and technologies offered by the Disability Support Service together with the Fund for Students with Disabilities are part supported by the Government of Ireland (Department of Education and Skills) and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.

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