Victoria O'Hara |   Student Ambassador

Each student chooses to be a Student Ambassador for different reasons. These exceptional students have the greatest opportunity in promoting the college through various on campus, virtual and external events during the year. Every Thursday one or two students take part in ‘Takeover Thursday’ on the college Instagram. This allows potential students and parents to virtually explore the college campus as well as the everyday life of a student of Shannon College. From Takeover Thursday and practical classes to Christmas Day and sports events. One can find the Ambassadors pouring cocktails and telling the tales of the college on open evenings. Every day the Student Ambassadors proudly show the world all that Shannon College has to offer.
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Introducing.... Shannon College Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors holding their certificates and smiling

Each Year, Students of Shannon College will put themselves forward to represent both the student body and the college.

This year our student ambassadors include students from year 1, year 3, year 4 BBS and BComm and Masters students.
The students get involved in open events, both online and in person. They enjoy sharing ideas, work on  different promotional aspects such as the infamous 'Thursday Takeover' as well as liaising closely with our marketing team and school liaison officer.
Being able to share their different experiences with prospective students is a fantastic opportunity and can really help shape the future of Shannon College. The Student Ambassadors are the epitome of our Ethos here and their passion for both the college and the world of hospitality radiates through.

23/24 Student Ambassadors

"This year, nine students from Year 3 took on the roles of being Student Ambassadors for Shannon College of Hotel Management. These die-hard Shannon College super-fans had the easy task of promoting the College in a variety of ways and at different events throughout the college year.
Every Thursday there was a Student Takeover on the College Instagram page where the students showed off pictures and videos of the campus and explained the life of a Shannon College student from their own perspective.
The ambassadors took part in both virtual events for the college and on-campus open-days where Irish coffees and mocktails were flowing. We enjoyed discussing clubs and societies and touring around the campus with prospective students. Some ambassadors also took part in off-campus career events and proudly showed off to the world all that Shannon College has to offer." 
Leah McCarthy Cahill - Year 4 Student Ambassador 2021/2022

The Student Ambassadors for 2023-2024 are:

Year 1 

Cathal McLoughlin
Valentin Szaloki 
Charankanwar Singh
Moss Grace Byrne 
Kaiwusaier Alimu 
Vaness Nguyen Ngoc Thanh

Year 3 

Lauren McCormack
Heather Fadian 
Sean Falvey
Juliette McKeon-Thiennette
Emer Ryan
Jason Conroy
Kate Ryan

Year 4 BBS

Megan Brennan
Aleksandra Gontarz
Lanxi Xu (Margaret)
Grace O'Toole
Katie McDermott
Meghan O'Sullivan
Lucy Coller
Raissa Grant 
Danielle Russel 
Guyra Savy 

Year 4 BCOMM

Darragh Curran 
Alice Buckley 


Shuo Li
Sirisha Srimangla Rao
Enoj Muthukumarana

Moss Grace

Moss Grace Byrne |   Student Ambassador

My name is Moss, and I am a first year BBS student, in Shannon College of Hotel Management. I have always had a love for events, organisation and helping others, and this is why Shannon is a perfect fit for me. Before coming to Shannon I had previously worked in a hotel, but aside from confirming that this is what I want to do, I do not feel that hospitality experience is necessary for this course. We have people from all backgrounds, and that is what makes this course so special. I am from an agricultural background, while many of my fellow classmates are from other parts of Ireland, even different countrys! Once you are willing to work hard, Shannon will work for you.
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