Research Updates November 2022

Dec 02 2022 Posted: 13:59 GMT
  • Bharat submitted an application for a Marie-Skłodowska Curie Doctoral Network, as a collaborator;
  • Niall supported an application to the IRC postgraduate scholarship programme and another to the IRC postdoctoral fellowship programme.
  • Davood co-organized the 3rd Young Statisticians’ Section of the Irish Statistical Association annual meeting at the University of Limerick on 7th October 2022. The meeting aimed to bring together many career-young statisticians in Ireland to focus on collaborative workflow in Statistics and Data Science. Kishor Das gave a talk entitled "Statistical Approaches for Method Comparison Studies involving Functional Responses with Applications in Elite Sports".
  • Davood also co-organised the 3rd Young-ISA Twitter Poster Conference 5-6th of October 2022.  The event is held entirely on Twitter and aims to provide an opportunity for Statisticians and Data Scientists around the world to meet online, share their research and engage in scientific discussion.
  • Jim was a co-author of a conference presentation: “Graph rigidity and identifiability of tensor completions”, S Tanigawa, J Cruickshank, F Mohammadi, A Nixon, K Nakagawa at the workshop “Tensors in statistics, optimization and machine learning” at the Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.
  • John attended the 66th Reunião Anual da RBras,  Floripa, Brazil, where he represented the International Biometric Society at the Opening Session; presented the Keynote Opening RBras President’s Invited talk - A Brazilian Biometric Journey; and organised a session on Count Data – New Developments, with a talk on "Modelling excess zeros in count data".

  • Victoria (PhD student with Michael McG) won the 2022 Graham Hoare Prize, awarded annually to Early Career Mathematicians by the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA, UK) for "a brilliant Mathematics Today article". The article will be published in the December issue of Mathematics Today. She received the certificate in a presidential address ceremony in London on November 23.
  • Anna (Marie Curie PhD student) and Andrew attended the "Epigenomics of Common Diseases" conference on the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK. She presented their poster on "Modelling Epigenetic Age Over Time",  introducing their scoping review and simulation study results on how to model longitudinal epigenetic age.
  • The SFI Centre for Research Training in Genomics Data Science held a week-long series of webinars and workshops on African Genomics in collaboration with the African Society of Human Genetics and this week, the CRT is holding its annual research symposium.
  • Bin applied successfully for a faculty position at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, under the New One Hundred Talents Program. He will be leaving us in the autumn. Congrats, Bin!
  • Research co-authored by Michel (and Joyce!) was featured on the front page of The Irish Times last week, see the online version here.
  • Cruickshank, J., Jackson, B. & Tanigawa, Si. Vertex Splitting, Coincident Realisations, and Global Rigidity of Braced Triangulations. Disc. Comp. Geom. (2022).
  • Andrini, D., Balbi, V., Bevilacqua, G., Lucci, G., Pozzi, G., & Riccobelli, D. (2022). Mathematical modelling of axonal cortex contractility. Brain Multiphysics, 100060.

  •  S. Mukherjee, M. Destrade, A.L. Gower.
    Representing the stress and strain energy of elastic solids with initial stress and transverse texture anisotropy.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A.
    478 (2022) 20220255.
  • Y. Chen, B. Wu, M. Destrade, W. Chen.
    Voltage-controlled topological interface states for bending waves in soft dielectric phononic crystal plates.
    International Journal of Solids and Structures.
    259 (2022) 112013.


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