Mr Marc Mellotte




Marc joined NUI Galway in January 2009 in what was then called the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). After initially running an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership collaboration with an Irish startup, he took on the leadership of the Applied Innovation area within DERI and now the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

With a background prior to joining NUI Galway in the commercial technology sector, Marc's interests have long been in the area of the innovative application of science & technology to solve problems or address opportunities in industry. Within NUI Galway, this has mainly been achieved through applied research projects in collaboration with industry partners. Over his 9 years as a researcher at NUI Galway, he has managed 30+ such collaborations involving over €5m in total funding. 

Marc has experience in developing successful proposals, raising research funding, and delivering impact on the projects he has managed. He has also been very active in exploring and developing collaborations with colleagues across the College of Engineering & Informatics as well as many other areas within the university.