Support Services for International Students

We have many years’ experience welcoming international students to Galway and provide a wide range of support services to help you adjust to your new environment.

Louise Kelly is our dedicated International Student Officer who looks after the welfare of international students. 

The role of the International Student Officer is to ensure that international students are enabled to have the best possible experience while studying at University of Galway. The ISO represents the interests of international students and provides non-academic support to students who are undergoing difficulties, including an out of hours emergency phone service.

Louise is available on 086 8576152 for out of hours (non academic related) emergencies.

International Affairs Office

The International Affairs Office provides a range of support services specifically for international students and is your first point of contact for many of the support services offered to students at University of Galway. Services provided by the International Affairs Office include:

·         Orientation programme for new students

·         Advice on international entry requirements and application processes

·         English Language Support Classes

·         Advice on immigration requirements and study visas

Student Support Services

International students can also avail of the full range of Student Support Services available to all University of Galway students.

Accommodation Offices

The Accommodation Office assists students in finding housing and provides advice on general housing issues.

Disability Support Service

Students who have a disability/specific learning difficulty and who require particular supports should notify the Disability Support Service in advance of admission to the University.

Deans of Chaplaincy Service

The Deans of Chaplaincy Service provides active pastoral care and spiritual leadership for all students and can also assist in making contact with other religious denominations.

Student Counselling

The Student Counselling team of qualified and experienced counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists, offers confidential individual counselling to all University of Galway students.

Student Health Unit

The Student Health Unit provides on-campus medical, psychiatric and physiotherapy care to registered University of Galway students in a professional and confidential manner.

Health Promotion Service

The Health Promotion Service aims to assist students to reach their full potential by providing non-judgemental and up-to-date information to help you make informed decisions. Programmes run by the service include The Mind, Body & Soul programme and the Exam De-stress Programme.

Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre is available to help students manage their career development by providing information on different career options as well as practical support and workshops on all aspects of graduate careers including CV preparation and interview techniques

Students Union

The Students Union (SU) is the independent voice of students representing your interests and solving your problems on campus and beyond. The SU also provides assistance and guidance in the areas of finance, accommodation, academic problems, rights, jobs, personal safety, mental health and wellbeing. There are 16 elected officers of the Union including and Education Officer and Welfare Officer who can offer confidential support and information should you experience academic or personal problems.

Academic Support Services

The University also provides a wide range of academic support services to help international students with their studies.

James Hardiman Library

The James Hardiman Library is the main library on campus and provides study spaces and the key resources you need for your study. Students can access the books, journals and electronic resources by visiting the Library in person or through the Library’s website which provides you with 24/7 access, anytime and anywhere. Library Tours are provided as part of the orientation programme at the beginning of each semester.

Academic Writing Centre

The Academic Writing Centre offers free one-to-one sessions on academic writing tailored to the needs of individual students. In addition to help with grammar, punctuation and spelling, the centre provides assistance with essay structure and the overall writing process.


Canvas is the online learning system used at University of Galway, which allows lecturers to post materials such as lecture notes, reading materials, weblinks, videos, quizzes, etc, online. Canvas is available 24/7 from both on and off campus. There is also a Blackboard App (in iPhone and Android versions) which you can download.

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Classes

The International Affairs Office also provides free writing support classes for students whose first language is not English. For more information, please email