New Mobility Partnerships

Global Galway provides central coordination, advice, and support to appraise and establish successful mobility partnerships across all University Schools and Colleges. New links and placement partnerships are considered and established within an established process. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the University meets its duty of care by taking reasonable steps to satisfy itself that the prospective partner organisation is an appropriate and safe environment in which students and staff can learn and teach; compatible with institutional, Global Galway and College strategic objectives; able to meet programme requirements in relation to reciprocity, practicalities, and benefits.

University of Galway is a member of the ENLIGHT European University Alliance which connects us with eight high-profile partner universities throughout Europe. The ENLIGHT member institutions are working together to increase mobility, teaching and research collaborations within the alliance. We advise checking if there is potential to meet your internationalisation needs through exploring the offerings of our ENLIGHT partners.

Mobility Partnership Establishment Process
The full process is available online: Mobility Partnership Process . The key stages in the process are set out below. 
For initial guidance in setting up new mobility partners, contact:
Vice Deans International
College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies
College of Business, Public Policy and Law
College of Science and Engineering
College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences


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