Tax 1

What you need to know to determine your Irish Tax Position

It might appear daunting but sorting out your Irish tax position can easily be dealt with by understanding the basics.  The following videos provide an overview of the key issues which will help you understand and determine your Irish tax position and include the practical steps to get your Irish tax affairs in order.
These videos are only available to current NUI Galway staff and students.  Please log in to your student or staff email in order to be able to view these videos.

NUI Galway's Tax Clinic 

NUI Galway's Tax Clinic provides individual free and confidential tax information for NUI Galway students in a caring and trusting environment. Please refer to the website here for details of when you may avail of these services.

Access to Government Services 

This video deals with how you best access Irish Government services, such as tax and social welfare.  It addresses how you obtain an Irish Personal Public Services Number (PPSN), a myGovID account and a Public Services Card.

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Introduction to Irish Taxes

This video helps you understand the basis on which your income will be taxed in Ireland,  which is dependent on your tax residence and domicile status.

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How to calculate your Irish income taxes 

This video is a summary of how you calculate your Irish income tax liability which includes the three 'taxes', i.e. income tax, Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), and the Universal Social Charge (USC).  It includes reference to the tax credits and allowances which you may be able to claim to reduce your income tax liability.

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How employment income is taxed

This video is a summary of how your employment is taxed, including the employer and employee responsibilities to ensure that employment income is taxed directly at source.  It shows how the normal 'cumulative' basis of taxation applies, as well as the 'emergency' basis.

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myAccount- Registration and Benefits

This video shows you how to set up and use the Revenue on-line account to manage your Irish tax affairs, including how to 'add a job', check the pay and tax details returned to the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue) by your employer each pay period, how to obtain an end of year Provisional Statement of Liability and a summary of how to file a tax return.

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