Health Insurance

Private health insurance provides assistance in covering medical and hospital costs whilst you are in Ireland. The Irish Immigration Service requires students from outside the EU /EEA to obtain private health insurance for visa application and immigration registration purposes. University of Galway does not arrange health insurance for students.

There are a number of Insurance providers in Ireland who can provide cover, if you cannot obtain a suitable policy from your home country.

 The main providers of cover in Ireland are:

·   VHI:

·   Laya Healthcare:

·   Irish Life:

·   Study and Protect : Study & Protect (

There are different levels of cover available, which provide different levels of benefit under the policy and Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the cover types available.  Students are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain a policy which satisfies both the VISA requirements and your own needs in advance of arrival in Ireland and to ensure you have adequate cover in place for the duration of your time as resident in Ireland.

Further information on health insurance in Ireland, including a comparison tool is available through the Health Insurance Authority website:

University of Galway Group Scheme

University of Galway has arranged access to a group scheme for non-EU/EEA through Irish Life Healthcare. The scheme is available to students enrolled on any academic course of one year or more. The scheme offers discounted rates and concessions on waiting periods, meaning that Students can avail of cover immediately.

The Irish Life Healthcare group scheme can be accessed via the dedicated link here Member Mobilisations - Member Mobilisation ( or by contacting Irish Life Healthcare directly and quoting group scheme number 39557 .