NUI Galway recognises the incredible importance of student collaboration and of looking out for one another. University should be a time when you realise how many likeminded people there are out there – and that you are never alone in the way you feel, whether that be a fear of the future, or of a love of art, music, sports, or anything in between. From Volunteering, Societies and Clubs to collaborative learning and peer support, NUI Galway aims to ensure that students always feel part of a welcoming community that promotes collaboration, mutual respect and support.

ALIVE – NUI Galway’s Student Volunteering Programme - Volunteer in a wealth of different and exciting ways both within the campus and beyond, as part of schools, charities, community organisations and events.
Phone: 091 495346

CÉIM   - Resource for 1st year Engineering and Legal students. Peer-to-peer academic support sessions given by trained 2nd years for relaxed collaborative learning.
Phone: 091 494290

Clubs - Make Friends, try new things and keep fit in any of NUIG’s 50 sport and fitness clubs.

Participate – Anonymous and free online programme for helping in overcoming shyness and social anxiety.

Please Talk – National Mental Health Campaign encouraging and empowering students and staff to speak openly about mental health.

Seas Suas – Student to Student awareness and encouragement programme. Encouraging students to be aware of each other’s health and wellbeing through events and training.

Phone: 091 49 5055

Societies – Get involved in over 100 Student Societies at NUI Galway. Make likeminded friends, develop skills and learn lots of new ones!
Phone: 091 492852

Students’ Union – Your voice in the University. Looking out for student welfare, education and satisfaction. Putting your interests and needs first.
Phone: 091 524810