Postgraduate Programmes

MA Journalism

Journalists are needed now, more than ever, in the society we live in. As our daily lives become awash in information and disinformation, and as we wrestle with seemingly insurmountable issues on climate change, global pandemics and human rights abuses, making sense of the world in a fact-based, engaging way is critical.


Here at the University of Galway we are committed to helping you serve the public through the practice of journalism. We teach you the hard skills, the technical skills and the critical thinking skills to go out and ask questions, make connections, and complete a story from idea to completion. Throughout the process, we also show you the tools and techniques to apply your skills to current issues, to reach out to communities and have real-world impact.   


The MA Journalism is designed to hit the ground running, in an intensive 12-month programme that focuses on learning the  practical skills needed in the field and the critical context in which to the approach the modern media landscape.


Students undergo weekly news assignments across multiple platforms including print, online, and audio and video broadcasting. The programme immerses students in traditional reporting skills, including investigations and in-depth long-form storytelling. Students will also acquire new digital media training in social newsgathering, fact-checking, OSINT verification, podcasting and data journalism. Broadcasting training takes place in our digital radio studios, and our new state-of-the-art 4K 'TewTek' television studio.  Students are fully trained in media law and media ethics is a core part of the programme, with a final practical project or an academic dissertation. Last year, our MA Journalism programme was recognised for numerous awards including winning the top prize for best online newspaper for Galway Pulse at the National Student Media Awards (Smedias).  


Our instructors have worked in national and international newsrooms, created investigative documentaries, broke national news stories, created award-winning podcasts and published ground-breaking longform features. We come from diverse backgrounds and varied workplaces, and our aim is singular: to listen, train and develop early-career journalists to find success and fulfillment in the field when they graduate.  Find out more here.


MA Global Media and Communication

The MA Global Media and Communication aims to prepare students to work as professionals in the international media and communications industries. The programme offers students a critical understanding of the complex global media ecosystem of the 21st century, and prepares them to work as communications professionals with production skills to work across multiple platforms. Through a flexible syllabus that students can curate by choosing from a vast array of optional modules in specialist areas, people doing this course will also have an opportunity to develop an expert niche in subject areas where communications is a key factor: Climate Action, Sustainability, Humanitarian Communication, Human Rights, among others. 


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