Up to 80% Subsidy on Law Micro-Credentials at University of Galway

Apr 11 2024 Posted: 15:25 IST

University of Galway's School of Law is thrilled to announce new subsidy opportunities for our range of cutting-edge Law micro-credentials. The subsidies funded by the HEA have been awarded to the MicroCreds Project as part of the HCI Pillar 3 Micro-Credential Course Learner Subsidy. These subsidies aim to make our specialised courses in Law and Analytics, Lawyering, Technology and Innovation, and Ethics and Law for Artificial Intelligence more accessible to a broader range of aspiring legal professionals.

These subsidies are available on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring prompt applications are essential. Detailed terms and conditions for subsidy eligibility can be found here.

Course Details and Applications:

Applications for these micro-credentials are now open. Prospective students can find more information, including course details and application instructions, at the following links: 


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