University of Galway and Mary Robinson Centre host climate conference

Jan 23 2023 Posted: 14:46 GMT

University of Galway and the Mary Robinson Centre will host the first Mary Robinson Climate Conference this summer.

The event takes place on July 6th and 7th, 2023, in Ballina, Co Mayo.

Mary Robinson said: “This situation must not lead us to despair, rather it should propel us into action.” 

Dr Gordon Bromley, Lecturer in Physical Geography & Climate at University of Galway, said: “Climate change is the greatest socio-economic force of the 21st Century, creating uncertainty and threatening to undermine basic societal foundations. As we stand at this critical juncture – seeking to prevent, mitigate, and adapt to global warming – the time is ripe and the need is clear to chart our awareness into truly new waters and to use our collective knowledge to better plan for the future.”

In the spirit of this view, the Mary Robinson Climate Conference will bring together voices from all sectors of academia and society to share climate-related research and discuss pathways for a sustainable future in an inclusive multidisciplinary forum.

The schedule will feature presentations, discussions, roundtables, and workshops related to the impact of climate change on the physical, social, cultural, political, health, and economic environments of our planet and ways to address it.

The call for session proposals is now open. Suggestions are invited from a wide spectrum of disciplines. 

For more information, please visit the conference website.


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