University of Galway joins translational medicine alliance

From left, Dr Liam Lewis; Dr Pilib Ó Broin (University of Galway); Professor Patricia Maguire (UCD); Frances Fitzgerald MEP; Professor Aideen Long (Trinity); Professor Mark Lawler (Queen’s); Dr Martin O’Neill (ATU); Dr John Mulvihill (UL); and Dr Mary Deasy (TU Dublin).
Dec 12 2023 Posted: 14:10 GMT

University of Galway has joined a new, cross-border higher education alliance to strengthen partnerships between scientists and clinicians and foster impactful research that translates from the lab to patient care.

Translational Medicine Alliance Ireland (TMAI) has been established with 10 universities and technological universities on the island of Ireland.

The alliance of academics and researchers will have a focus on the development of new diagnostics, therapies, and medical interventions.

Collaboration in translational medicine serves as a catalyst for transforming scientific discoveries into practical applications that directly benefit patients and society.

Translational Medicine Alliance Ireland (TMAI) will enable the pooling of higher education resources, knowledge and skills. It will also offer a platform for researchers and institutions engaged in translational medicine to generate novel ideas and develop innovative therapies or diagnostics more efficiently, enhancing the impact and success of their translational research and elevating the visibility and reputation of the biomedical research community on the global stage.

Professor Aideen Long, Director, Trinity Translational Medicine Institute (TTMI), said:The establishment of TMAI is a testament to the belief that collectively forging connections, building bridges, and creating a network of translational research institutes will achieve far more than any one of us could envision alone - in terms of pushing new boundaries, breaking barriers, and realising impactful clinical research outcomes that will ultimately benefit patients."

Dr Pilib Ó Broin, Assistant Professor in Translational Bioinformatics, University of Galway, said:"We are delighted to join TMAI and firmly believe that leveraging complementary expertise across our partner institutions is key to accelerating innovation in translational research at a national level. Galway's translational research excellence and infrastructure, including our newly-established research institutes in health discovery and innovation and clinical trials, will greatly enhance the capacity of this new alliance and we look forward to work with our partners in creating meaningful benefit for patients and strengthening Ireland's international reputation in this area." 

TMAI will also provide a national mechanism to forge enduring partnerships with EATRIS, the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine, creating new collaborative opportunities for research and funding at a European level. This interconnected network will amplify the influence of the sector in the Republic and in Northern Ireland internationally and foster knowledge exchange.

Translational Medicine Alliance Ireland members are: Atlantic Technological University; Munster Technological University; University of Galway; Queen’s University, Belfast; Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Technological University Dublin; Trinity College Dublin

University College Cork; University College Dublin; University of Limerick.


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