NUI Galway announce continuation of Laptop Loan Scheme

I Galway students Caroline O'Toole and Tendai Muzunze who received laptops on loan as part of the NUI Galway Laptop Loan Scheme alongside Imelda Byrne, Head of NUI Galway Access Centre. Credit: Aengus McMahon.
Aug 23 2022 Posted: 15:00 IST

NUI Galway has announced a third year of the Laptop Loan Scheme for full-time and part-time students.

Applications for the scheme are being accepted from today until Saturday October 15, 2022.

Over 960 students benefitted from the NUI Galway Laptop Loan Scheme over the last two years.

The scheme is part of a package to support disadvantaged students by providing eligible students with a laptop, on long-term loan, to help them with studies for as long as they are students at NUI Galway.

Imelda Byrne, Head of the Access Centre at NUI Galway, said: “Purchasing a laptop can be a significant financial consideration for low-income households and a barrier to students participating fully in their education. The University values openness and excellence and we understand that means students not only accessing third-level education but having the supports and resources necessary to participate in their studies to the best of their abilities. 

“This scheme allowed us to provide students from low-income households and students who would not traditionally be well represented at third-level with equal access to a digital device and to reduce their financial burden.”

NUI Galway Biomedical Science student Caroline O'Toole, who received a laptop under the scheme, said: "Being a student is an exciting and fun journey but also it can come with some challenges, for example financial issues, not being able to afford school supplies. This was an issue for me. When I heard of the laptop loan scheme, I was so relieved as I was given a laptop for the duration of my degree. This lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I needed help and I was heard."

Eligibility is prioritised on a needs basis. Students from low-income households and the identified target groups who demonstrate that they or their family do not have the means to purchase such a device themselves qualify to apply for the scheme.

For more information on the scheme, criteria and application process visit: 


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