NUI Galway laptop loan scheme opens

Isabella Antonio, Chaplaincy and Access Centre team; Father Ben Hughes, Head of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care; and Imelda Byrne, Head of Access Centre.
Nov 01 2021 Posted: 14:55 GMT

NUI Galway laptop loan scheme opens

Students from low income households can apply to receive a device for their studies

NUI Galway’s Access Centre has revealed the scale of one of its supports for students as it announced plans to re-run the successful laptop loan scheme.

More than 730 students at the University benefitted from the dedicated support last year.

From today, until Friday, 26 November 2021, students can apply for the long-term loan of a device for the duration of their studies at NUI Galway.

Imelda Byrne, Head of the Access Centre at NUI Galway, said: “We saw the effects of the digital divide last year, with many students from disadvantaged backgrounds not having access to devices.

“The laptop loan scheme ensured we could make a huge difference to a large cohort of NUI Galway students.

“The cost of a laptop can be a significant barrier for those in low-income households and the feedback we got from students who benefitted from the scheme was overwhelmingly positive. Not only did this scheme enable them to participate more fully in their studies but it also relieved them of a significant cost.”

Súan Hanafey, an Access Student who received a laptop under the scheme in 2020, said: “I am my only financial support so this meant a lot to me. I no longer had to worry about gathering funds to buy a good laptop and now I have no difficulty accessing classes online, speaking over the microphone, sharing video. Whereas, before getting this new laptop I was missing some moments of class and was having trouble hearing and being heard.”

Eligibility for the laptop loan scheme is prioritised on a needs basis for students from low-income households and identified target groups.

For more information on the scheme and application process visit:


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