UN human rights expert visits Tajikistan to assess trafficking in persons

Dec 06 2021 Posted: 04:58 GMT

UN Special Rapporteur, Professor Siobhán Mullally from NUI Galway, will spend the next 10 days assessing the issue of trafficking in persons in the Central Asian state Tajikistan. 

Professor Mullally will meet representatives of Government agencies, as well as UN officials, members of civil society organisations and human rights defenders, especially those working on prevention, and on identification and victim assistance, during her visit to Dushanbe.

Her visit to the country runs from the December 7th to 16th.

Siobhán Mullally, Established Professor of Human Rights Law and Director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway, said: “This visit will be an opportunity to meet relevant officials, civil society, organisations and survivors, to discuss trafficking in persons in all its forms, the key human rights concerns arising, as well as the progress that Tajikistan has made in combating trafficking in persons.

“I will pay particular attention to the main challenges in implementing international and legal frameworks on trafficking to ensure the human rights of victims, and effective prevention. A particular concern will be the risks of trafficking that may be faced by refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers and their families.

“Gender equality, and the gender dimension of trafficking will be a central focus, in particular the risks of trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation, prevention of all forms of trafficking and access to effective remedies. Child rights and concerns in relation to child trafficking for all forms of exploitation, will be examined.

“I will also examine Tajikistan’s existing and planned measures to prevent trafficking, including protection of the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. To identify and protect victims, ensure access to justice and to effective remedies, and social protection for survivors. Measures to combat impunity for trafficking in persons, and ensure effective investigations, will also be examined.”

The Special Rapporteur’s findings and recommendations will be included in an official report to be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2022.


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