CÚRAM Brings ‘Drawing on Science’ Workshop to Baboró

Histology Staining Dyes. Image: Karen Conway
Oct 16 2019 Posted: 10:15 IST

CÚRAM, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Medical Devices at NUI Galway, is providing a workshop at Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, creating an opportunity for young people from ages 8-12 to explore the connections between science and art in a practical drawing workshop with Karen Conway, artist in residence at CÚRAM.

Taking place in Ballybane Library on Friday, 18 October at 3.30pm, the free workshop Drawing on Science will explore vintage medical equipment and chemicals used in the past as Karen compares them to today’s devices and chemicals. Fascinating biomaterials and medical devices will be used to create drawings.

Karen Conway has been selected to create the CÚRAM community art commission for the East side of Galway city, which is co-funded by the Galway City Arts Office. As part of her CÚRAM community art commission, Karen is working with Professor William Wijns, a world leading expert in Interventional Cardiology based at NUI Galway and Galway University Hospital.

Ms Conway, said: “I am delighted to work with CÚRAM researchers to deliver a workshop which is part of the fantastic Baboró International Arts Festival for Children.”

Places on the workshop are limited and booking is required by contacting Ballybane Library on 091 380590.

The Drawing on Science workshop is supported by Galway City Council and Galway County Council.

For further information, visit the Baboró website at: https://www.baboro.ie/festival/programme/drawing-on-science.

For more information on Karen Conway, visit: https://karenconway.work/


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