Civic and Religious Leaders attend the Seas Suas Awards Ceremony at NUI Galway

Pictured at the recent Seas Suas Award Ceremony (Front Row): Fr Brendan Kelly, Bishop of Galway; Dr Pat Morgan, Vice President for the Student Experience at NUI Galway; Councillor Mike Cubbard, Deputy Mayor; Archdeacon Gary Hastings, Rector, St. Nicholas Collegiate Church; Imam Ibrahim Noonan, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Ireland. (Back Row): Fr Ben Hughes, Head Chaplain at NUI Galway; Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh, Student Union President at NUI Galway; John Hannon, Director of Student Services; Lorraine Tansey, Community Knowledge Initiative at NUI Galway; Ms Dolores McAndrew, Chaplaincy at NUI Galway; Pastor Peter Burrows, Galway Christian Fellowship; Fr Tudor Ghita, Romanian Orthodox, Fr Declan Lohan, Chaplain at NUI Galway
Mar 12 2018 Posted: 15:29 GMT

Civic and Religious Leaders attended the recent Seas Suas Awards Ceremony at NUI Galway. The Award Ceremony celebrated the successful completion of the Seas Suas training programme undertaken by 250 students.

Seas Suas is NUI Galway’s innovative student-to-student mentoring programme and is an initiative between the University’s Student Services and Students’ Union and facilitated by the Chaplaincy team at NUI Galway. Students from a range of academic disciplines in NUI Galway undertake training sessions on topics such as developing positive mental health, alcohol, online wellbeing and suicide prevention. Training includes gaining knowledge about the challenging issues of student life and the corresponding supports; developing strategies for effective helping, and learning skills to intervene safely or refer appropriately. 

Dr Pat Morgan, Vice President for the Student Experience at NUI Galway said: “It is so encouraging to see how many of our NUI Galway students are motivated and engaged in promoting health and wellbeing. This has significant benefits for themselves and for others particularly during these formative years in University.”

Following successful completion of the Seas Suas programme, participants are encouraged to put the aims of Seas Suas into action in a variety of ways. Participants contribute to a number of specific events such as Mental Health Week, the Green Ribbon Campaign, help with the Exam Support Team and assisting with Student Orientation. The Seas Suas programme has successfully developed sustainable partnerships between students, staff and external agencies. Seas Suas is deepening our awareness about how to live happier and healthier lives so that we can continue to be a compassionate, caring and successful community.

John Hannon, Director of Student Services at NUI Galway, congratulated the students for successfully completing the Seas Suas training programme and highlighted the benefits for the students in terms of the academic achievement and their personal development.     

For more information on the Seas Suas programme contact Fr Ben Hughes, NUI Galway’s Chaplaincy Services at or 091 49 5055.


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