NUI Galway to Host Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Forum

Jun 26 2018 Posted: 15:39 IST

The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at NUI Galway and Celtic Advance Life Science Innovation Network will host a ‘Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Forum’ on Thursday, 28 June from 8am-4pm at Hotel Meyrick.

The emerging fields of cell and gene therapy are considered by many to be the next revolution in medicine, promising unprecedented and previously unimaginable treatments for major life-altering conditions and degenerative diseases. There are few areas in biomedical research which have attracted so much attention in recent years and been surrounded by so much expectation and promise. Recent approvals in stromal cell therapy, immunotherapy and CAR T treatments indicate that the potential is being realised. However, serious challenges remain in addressing manufacturing efficiency, cost reduction, clinical trials and delivery to patients.

Speaking about the event, Professor Frank Barry, Scientific Director at REMEDI, NUI Galway, said: “Cell and gene therapy are really providing new options in terms of patient care and Ireland is taking a position at the centre of this effort. This industry forum will include multinational companies, research leaders, SMEs and innovators and will be an opportunity for all participants to learn about recent developments, challenges and strategies for manufacturing”.

Leaders in industry and science will speak about recent advances in research and development. Companies presenting at the event will include global leaders in cell technology, Takeda Europe and GE Healthcare, ReNeuron, the UK’s leading stem cell research company, and Irish SMEs Avectas, a cell engineering technology company and biotechnology developer, Valitacell.

Speakers will include Professor Frank Barry, REMEDI, NUI Galway, Robin Ali, University College London, John Sinden, ReNeuron, Maria del Pilar Redondo, Takeda and Andrew Finnerty, Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland, NUI Galway.

The event is sponsored by Celtic Advance Life Science Innovation Network (CALIN). The network is an Ireland Wales 2014-2020 programme part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.

The event is free and open to the public. To register, visit:


Marketing and Communications Office


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