Shannon College of Hotel Management Celebrate First Student Volunteering Award

Shannon College Students
May 26 2017 Posted: 11:34 IST

Shannon College of Hotel Management presented the 2017 NUI Galway President’s Award for Student Volunteering recently. The recipients volunteered in a range of local community projects, fundraised for a variety of causes and participated in campus cultural programmes.

In order to achieve the award students completed a reflection portfolio. This is a set of writings that summarise the insights and experiences a student gained from practical assignments and also shared learning from their experiences. Student Diveema Thakur volunteered through a number of charity fundraisers such as Epilepsy Ireland and Novas, a voluntary organisation working with single adults, families and children who are disadvantaged and socially excluded. She said: “Volunteering helped me grow as a person, it gave me the opportunity to share my love. Joining the charity has helped me become more generous and patient.”

Dr Phillip Smyth, Director at Shannon College of Hotel Management said: “We are delighted to celebrate the student’s commitments as we strive to encourage an ethos of volunteerism within young people, who have a real appetite to engage in community. This is our first year to award the students with Certificates of Recognition and we look forward to building the volunteering programme with students.”  

The benefits of volunteering are experienced by students, particularly international students who reflect on community participation as a way to share their culture, meet new people and aid in settling into college in Ireland.

April Whelan, Student Services Officer, at Shannon College of Hotel Management oversaw a drive to get students more involved in on-campus activities. She said: “I am so proud that our students are being recognised for their efforts this year. The volunteer spirit and promoting of clubs and societies is invaluable in enhancing the student experience and promoting our ethos here at Shannon College of Hotel Management.”

The College GAA team was also reborn this year and entered the Munster Junior Football Championship this year. Students also shared that volunteering with the GAA helped them to have a physical and mental health outlet while studying full time. 


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