NUI Galway to Host International Conference on Natural and Constructed Wetlands

May 24 2016 Posted: 09:03 IST

An international conference at NUI Galway will examine how constructed and natural wetlands perform important ecological and environmental functions including flood control, wastewater treatment, and ecological management. The Natural and Constructed Wetlands conference will take place from 21-22 June in the Engineering Building.

Following the recent flooding events, there is growing interest in the important role that wetlands can fulfil in water management. In addition, constructed wetlands are gaining in popularity as an eco-friendly method of treating wastewater and have featured in many television programmes, including EcoEye.

Topics covered throughout the conference will include:

  • Wetlands in watershed management and flood control
  • Ecological and environmental management
  • Experimental modelling
  • Wetlands for water pollution control
  • Environmental and economic assessments
  • New developments in wetland design
  • Wetland ecology and conservation
  • Wetlands and climate change

Numerous high profile international delegates will deliver presentations at the conference, including: Professor Jan Vymazal, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague; Professor Matthijs Schouten, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; and Professor Margaret Greenway, Griffith University, Australia. In addition, presentations will also be given by experts in the area, who will represent engineering and ecological perspectives.

Dr Mark Healy, conference co-organiser and Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at NUI Galway, said: “This is a great opportunity to bring together experts in the fields of ecology, engineering, water and wastewater treatment, and environmental policy and management, to discuss recent developments in wetlands research.” 

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