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Oct 19 2015 Posted: 09:51 IST

The Chimera Art and Science Programme Presents: The Future is Here; a collection of work resulting from the artists in residence programme at CÚRAM, the Centre for Research in Medical Devices at NUI Galway. An exhibition of work by the Artists in Residence, Joanna Hopkins and Siobhan McGibbon, will open at Galway City Museum on 30 October at 5pm and continues until 23 December.

The Chimera Art and Science Programme has seen both artists work alongside CÚRAM researchers, with full access to its laboratory facilities for the past six months, with the aim of investigating the meeting point of art and science. The Programme was founded by Andrea Fitzpatrick who acts as its director and curator.

Andrea Fitzpatrick said: “The focus of the Chimera Art and Science Programme is to develop a visual arts research project within CÚRAM’s laboratories, exploring experimental practice and investigating the resulting composite space of enquiry.”

Investigating the theme of empathy, Joanna Hopkins will present a series of multimedia works. Exploring the areas of the brain believed to be responsible for empathy in human beings, one of which is the Supramarginal Gyrus, Hopkins has developed installations based on her investigation into neurons in the research labs at CÚRAM. Through a series of drawings, video and interactive installations, Hopkins also explores our evolving world of multiple 'Touch-screen' video devices.

Artist Siobhan McGibbon will present a complex and hypothetical narrative around the creation of a future human species that merges the superior biological elements of tadpoles and zebra fish. The works are created collaboratively with the scientists in CÚRAM utilising the scientific processes and materials used in the development of medical devices, and function as a collection of interconnected ideas explored during the artist’s engagement with the research groups in CÚRAM.

The programme also incorporates a student-led project, comprising of eleven students from the Centre for Creative Arts and Media at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. Work by Blaithin Hughes, Connor Robertson, Elizabeth Lartey, Ewa Zdybel, Helena Grady, Katie Higgins, Lisa Conroy, Mark White, Nicole Roan, Therese Murphy and Tom McLean will be exhibited at NUI Galway’s Gallery during Science Week in early November.

Speaking about the programme, Professor Abhay Pandit, Director of CÚRAM, said: “We are very excited about the upcoming exhibitions and our scientists have been very engaged in the process. Residency programmes are a key part of our public engagement programme here at CÚRAM and we will be expanding these programmes in the future.”

The programme is funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme which aims to support and develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education and the public engagement sector in Ireland.

The Exhibition will run from 30 October to 23 December at Galway City Museum, Spanish Arch, Galway with opening hours from 10am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday. Admission is free.


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