NUI Galway Launches Alumni Virtual Choir

Feb 16 2015 Posted: 16:56 GMT

Ireland’s First Virtual Choir combining music, song, technology and grads!

Do you want to join the NUI Galway Virtual Alumni Choir? In a first for NUI Galway and we believe universities everywhere, we are calling on our graduates to get singing!

In a new departure for NUI Galway, a special project has been launched where graduates of the University are invited to form this unique singing experience. Graduates based in Galway, Ireland, Europe, the US and even as far away as Australia are being urged to participate and pull off what will be an ambitious but exciting use of music, song and technology.

The choral work to be sung is Ave Verum Corpus composed by Mozart.

The piece was chosen due to its familiarity for choral singers around the world but all potential singers to listen to the many recordings available online to hear what the work sounds like when all the parts come together. This may jog the memories of singers who weren’t part of the University Choral Society but may have sung it in other choirs as it’s a firm favourite for choral groups.

How to get involved
In order to participate graduates should visit the alumni website

On this website singers will find the musical score, sound recordings of different vocal parts as well as piano accompaniment. From there the singers will be directed to a YouTube video of the piece being conducted by NUI Galway graduate Peter Mannion, current conductor of the University Choral Society and Unitunes, the award winning NUI Galway staff choir.

On explaining the virtual project, Peter Mannion said: “This is the first time we have ever attempted virtual singing so we need singers to log online to participate and to send in their recordings as soon as possible. Most computers, laptops, tables and mobile devices have excellent video and sound recording capabilities so there is no special equipment needed for you to get involved – just send in your best recording and we will do the rest. Don’t be afraid to send in video clips or photos of you singing as we will only use them in small parts of the final video. So happy singing!”

The choir is expected to debut in early March so don’t be disappointed and log on now


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