NUI Galway to host Galway 2040 Infrastructure and Environment Seminar

Sep 12 2013 Posted: 10:12 IST

Community initiative asks; how should Galway develop in the next 25 years?


How would you like to see Galway? What type of transport system should we have? Where and how should the city develop? Galway 2040 is a community initiative to address these questions and create a vision for the future of Galway city and its environs. The initiative began in 2010 and is divided into a number of key pillars including (i) Education, (ii) Innovation and Industry and (iii) Infrastructure and Environment. 

Galway 2040 is about stimulating ideas, self-determination, about setting out objectives and developing strategies to meet them. Planning for medium to long term, including inter-generational planning, is not something that always comes easy but it is critical for the growth of the region that there is a clear vision for the future – 2040. 

Earlier this year, a highly successful seminar was held by the Galway 2040 Education pillar. A follow-up seminar that focuses on Infrastructure and Environment will take place on Friday, 27 September. The seminar will be held in the Aula Maxima, NUI Galway beginning at 9am and finishing at lunchtime.

The challenge of creating and managing a sustainable infrastructure to meet the needs of Galway in 2040 is of great significance. The seminar will discuss many aspects associated with the growth of a city in the 21st century so that it will best meet the needs of the people who live, work and visit the city. 

Among these issues that are critical are (i) the identification of the necessary infrastructure and transportation systems that will facilitate the growth of the city, (ii) the development of a modern infrastructure for the city that is in harmony with the rich environment (iii) the impact of the built environment on the natural environment and (iv) the interaction between the people and the infrastructure/environment.

The seminar will feature a number of speakers from diverse backgrounds who have considerable expertise in the wide range of aspects that impinge on infrastructure and the environment. The speakers are drawn from the public, academic and private sectors and include Professor Greg Lloyd, University of Ulster, Brendan McGrath, Galway City Manager, Professors Kevin Leyden and Colin Brown, NUI Galway, and Gavin Duffy of Realsim. 

There will be a very strong emphasis on constructive discussion where audience participation will be encouraged. This will be facilitated by a panel session with participants drawn from various sectors and interest groups in Galway. The objective of the seminar is to identify the critical infrastructure/environment issues which will help chart a path for the next steps in Galway 2040.

Further information regarding the seminar, including the full programme, and on the Galway 2040 initiative may be found on or by contacting at Attendance at the seminar is free of charge and attendees may register in advance through the website.


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