Famine Experts Visit NUI Galway for Two Public Events

Professor Cormac Ó Gráda
Nov 19 2013 Posted: 10:55 GMT

NUI Galway’s School of Humanities is hosting two public events this coming weekend on the topic of Famine, and on the Great Irish Famine in particular.

On Friday, 22 November, Professor Cormac Ó Gráda, world expert on famine, will be giving a talk entitled 'Reflections on Famine'. Professor Ó Gráda is known for his work on the Irish Famine in books such as Black '47 and Beyond and The Great Irish Famine: interdisciplinary perspectives and more recently has published a general study of famines, Famine: a short history. This talk will take place in the D'Arcy Thompson Theatre in the Arts/Science Building at 6pm.

This will be followed on Saturday, 23 November, by a round table discussion in which the authors of acclaimed books on the Famine reflect on the challenges of representing and doing justice to such a complex and controversial event. The featured writers are Enda Delaney, author of The Curse of Reason: The Great Irish Famine, Peter Gray, author of The Irish Famine and Famine, Land and Politics, and Ciarán Ó Murchadha, author of The Great Famine: Ireland's Agony and Sable Wings Over the Land: Ennis and its wider community during the Famine. The discussion will be chaired by Professor Ó Gráda, and will be held in the O’Tnuathail Theatre, Arts Millennium Building from 11.30am to 1pm.

These events are free and all interested members of the public are invited to attend. They are part of the annual conference of the Economic and Social History Society of Ireland which is taking place this weekend in NUI Galway. Full details are available on http://eshsigalway2013.wordpress.com/.


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