Biomethane for Transport Seminar

Nov 14 2013 Posted: 09:54 GMT

Biggest display of biomethane/CNG vehicles ever assembled in Ireland

An exciting alternative for fleet owners is just around the corner. The biomethane for transport industry is in its infancy in Ireland, but holds great potential to realise the benefits of our extensive bioenergy resource, for the benefit of vehicle fleet owners in particular.

“This is proven technology – in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Italy, as we speak, buses and large trucks are already running on biomethane / compressed natural gas,”commented Fred Tottenham, President of the Irish BioEnergy Association (IrBEA).

“The technology for the production of the biomethane is also proven technology and Ireland has the second generation biofuel resources in particular to produce environmentally sustainable biogas,”he added.

Fred Tottenham was speaking ahead of IrBEA’s Biomethane for Transport morning seminar and vehicle demonstration focused on biomethane for transport fleets which takes place in Dublin today (14th November). The seminar will include a demonstration of commercial and private vehicles adapted to use biomethane/CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as a vehicle fuel. This will be the biggest display of biomethane/CNG vehicles ever assembled in Ireland.

The programme includes presentations from Bord Gáis Networks, technology providers, a project leader of an EU-sponsored initiative in Italy, and an experienced Irish fleet operator. In addition to direct use in vehicles of biomethane sourced from organic, renewable materials, information will be provided on the use of CNG in vehicles and the related area of grid injection of renewable gas.

“Historically, biogas in Ireland has been targeted for use in Combined Heat and Power (CHP). With the right commercial framework in place for biomethane as a transport fuel for fleet owners, Ireland could be making a big impact on meeting its renewable energy targets for transport and safeguarding its environment. There is also the very real potential here to recover biogas from organic second generation sources and to reduce both emissions and running costs for the state and for transport fleet owners” said Bart Bonsall, Technology Leader at the Technology Centre for Biorefining & Bioenergy, one of the event sponsors.

Bord Gáis Networks is proactively supporting the development of this new industry and recognises several key benefits for Ireland:

• Biomethane can be a renewable and indigenous source of gas for Ireland to drive economic development and create local employment opportunities across the country.

• Biomethane and natural gas are clean and efficient transport fuels that can reduce Ireland’s dependence on imported fuel and improve our security of energy supply.

• Ireland has particularly significant opportunities for biomethane production from waste sources such as waste water, agri-food industry waste, agricultural residues & waste, sorted refuse, etc. 10% of Ireland’s gas demand could be met from these sources with currently available and proven technologies.

• All forms of biodegradable waste can be treated to produce biomethane and reduce or eliminate landfill and other waste disposal burdens including greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are committed to working with industry and the relevant government bodies to facilitate Biogas grid injection and access to the market. We are now actively promoting and supporting the benefits of gas and renewable gas in transport”added Ian Kilgallon, Bord Gáis Networks, who will give the grid operator’s perspective on biogas at today’s event.


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