NUI Galway Professor to Discuss Nuclear Power Options in Public Lecture

Feb 26 2007 Posted: 00:00 GMT

Global warming and the world's depleting fossil fuels reserves are the focus of a public lecture to be given by Professor Philip Walton at NUI Galway on Wednesday, 28 February 2007.

The lecture, 'The Nuclear Power Debate – Fact and Fiction,' which is free and open to the general public, will address the ongoing public concerns over global warming and the continuing debate over nuclear energy.

"Two major problems are facing the world; global warming and the peaking and subsequent decline of oil and gas reserves," said Prof. Walton, Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics at NUI Galway.

"In Ireland we have the additional problem that 90% of our energy comes from imported fossil fuels whose supply is not secure and which are rapidly increasing in price. We can help the situation with strict conservation measures and by using renewables but these alone will not suffice.

"Nuclear power, with no greenhouse gas emissions and with very good and secure reserves, should be seriously considered as it can help solve these problems."

Hosted by the University's Physics Society, 'The Nuclear Power Debate – Fact and Fiction' takes place in lecture theatre IT250 in the IT building at 7.00pm.



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