Dr. Garret FitzGerald to speak at NUI Galway

Nov 06 2006 Posted: 00:00 GMT

'Civic Republicanism and Public Morality'

06 November2006 – Dr. Garret FitzGerald, former Taoiseach and current Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, will deliver a seminar entitled 'Civic Republicanism and Public Morality,' at NUI Galway at 3pm on Tuesday, 14 November. Dr. Fitzgerald's talk will draw on a chapter from his recent book, 'Ireland in the World: Further Reflections', and on his recent address to the Annual Conference of National Principals and Deputy Principals of Second-Level Schools.

Dr. Garret FitzGerald will speak as part of a keynote seminar series hosted and sponsored by the Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) at NUI Galway. Focusing on themes related to civic engagement and active citizenship, this keynote series is being offered as a response to the increased alienation and declining social commitment that is common in today's communities, and will host a number of high profile people who are knowledgeable in these areas.

Dr. Garret FitzGerald is a former Foreign Minister and Taoiseach and is currently the Chancellor of the National University of Ireland and presides over its Senate. He has been a weekly columnist in the Irish Times for the last 50 years, is Chairman of the Future of Europe Committee of the Institute of European Affairs, as well as President of the Institute, and is also a Director of the Irish Chapter of Transparency International, Age Action Ireland and the Greater European Fund.

The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) is a project at NUI Galway that promotes partnership with communities and endeavours to enhance social commitment within communities. Funded by philanthropic donations, the CKI hopes to reinvigorate the civic mission of higher education in Ireland, putting communities at the centre of debate.

"We are delighted to have Dr. FitzGerald speak with us and hope it will be an educational and informative event for people of the Galway community," said Lorraine McIlrath, CKI Project Coordinator.

Those interested in attending this keynote address should email mary.bernard@nuigalway.ie or call contact Mary Bernard on 091 493823 for a free ticket. For further information, please contact Lorraine McIlrath, CKI Project Coordinator at 091 495234 or email lorraine.mcilrath@nuigalway.ie or Christina McDonald Legg, christina.legg@nuigalway.ie



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