Shannon College Programme Modules

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S‌hannon College offers a wide range of modules covering exciting topics in Business and Hospitality.
Choose modules that will suit you best and create your own bespoke study abroad programme.
Join us for 1 semester; choose 30 credits 
Join us for 1 year; choose 30 credits from each semester 

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Modules for Study Abroad

Study from September - December 

Principles of Management 5 1 CA + Exam 
Introduction to Management Accounting 5 1 CA + Exam 
*Food & Beverage 2 5 1 CA
Principles of Marketing 5 1 CA + Exam 
*Business Skills Development 5 1 CA
Management Accounting 5 1 CA + Exam
Economics for the Hospitality Industry 5 1 CA + Exam
*Applied Research Methods 5 1 CA
*Strategic Management & Hotel Simulation 5 1 CA + Exam
*Performance Management & Cost Control 5 1 CA + Exam
*Revenue Management 
5 1 CA + Exam
Management of Organisational Change 5 1 CA + Exam
*Advanced Beverage Studies 5 1 CA
*Advanced Cukinary Studies  5 1 CA
Facilities Management  5 1 CA

* = Prior Learning required for this module 
CA = Continuous Assessment 

Study from January - May

ModuleECTs  SemesterAssessment
Quantitative Methods 5 2 CA + Exam
Introduction to Financial Accounting 5 2 CA + Exam
*Business Finance  5 2 CA + Exam
*Rooms Division Management  5 2 CA + Exam
Hospitality & Business Law 5 2 CA + Exam
Human Resource Management  5 2 CA + Exam
Information Technology for Business 5 2 CA
Managerial Economics 5 2 CA + Exam
*Financial Accounting 1 5 2 CA + Exam
Principles of Tourism  5 2 CA + Exam
Entrepeneurship 5 2 CA
Head of College Keynote Speaker Programme 5 2 CA + Exam
Intercultural Communication & Management 5 2 CA + Exam
Organisational Behaviour for Managers  5 2 CA + Exam
Event Management 5 2 CA
Hotel Asset Management  5 2 CA
Public Speaking for Hotel Professionals  5 2 CA

* = Prior learning required for this module 
CA = Continuous Assessment 

Study for 1 Academic Year

Should you choose to study at Shannon College for a full academic year, you can also choose from the following year long modules.

Intercultural Communications 1 10 1 Year CA + Exam
*French 10 1 Year CA + Exam
*English as a foreign language  10 1 Year CA + Exam
*German 10 1 Year CA + Exam
*Spanish 10 1 Year CA + Exam
Irish Hospitality & Culture  5 1 Year CA

* = Prior learning required for this module
CA = Continuous Assessment 

Module Descriptions

See below for detailed descriptions of the modules we offer. 

Principles of Management 

Principles of Management introduces the student to the core concepts, principles, theories and practices of effective management essential to the successful operation of an enterprise in the hotel and hospitality industry (or any business).

Introduction to Management Accounting

The course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles upon which management accounting is based which will serve as a foundation to further courses in this area.

Food & Beverage 2

To provide students with a more focused view of different cultural cuisines and wine, and to generate a greater awareness of Food and Beverage analysis and control procedures

Principles of Marketing

The objective of the course is to provide students with an introduction to marketing theory; this is augmented by the use of national and international case vignettes.

Business Skills Development

The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the process of the practical application of business skills, such as communication in verbal and written formats.

Management Accounting

To develop knowledge and skills in the application of management accounting techniques and using the information generated for planning, controlling, decision making and performance evaluation purposes.

Economics for the Hospitality Industry

To introduce students to the range of basic economic principles that can be applied in the study of the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

Applied Research Methods

Research Methods is a course that presents an overview of the various primary and secondary research methodologies used in the business and academic world, and the application of data collection techniques to aid those strategies. This course will assist students in developing an awareness and improvement of personal skills in the use of available sources of information. This course builds upon previous quantitative courses by extending the range of analytical skills required for research, data management and analysis whereby students will be able to initiate and produce a small scale piece of research.

Strategic Management & Hotel Simulation

To give the students a comprehensive understanding of the issues and techniques of strategy and how they apply to the successful overall direction of a business.

Performance Management & Cost Control

This course builds on the foundations of the third year courses in Management Accounting and Business Finance. It is designed to extend the students understanding of the concepts and techniques of management accounting and financial management to a strategic level and to their applications in the hospitality industry.

Revenue Management 

Revenue Management is a critical management tool. This module will cover the principles of Revenue Management in today's hotel industry.

Management of Organisational Change

The aim of this module is to understand and recognize the various levels of change within an organisation, and to appreciate the impact change can have on staff and on the motivation and productivity of a group. Students will be required to engage and reflect on events happening in the business world around them, and produce creative solutions to challenges emerging.

Advanced Beverage Studies

To give a thorough understanding of the principal wines, spirits and other beverages of the world and their commercial importance in the worlds market.

Advanced Culinary Studies

To give students advanced knowledge and appreciation of professional kitchens. This modules focuses on the study of future trends in the food sector and its application to industry. It is also intended to synthesize the theoretical concepts and practical procedures associated with food product development.

Facilities Management 

To develop an understanding of the functions associated with the management and maintenance of facilities in the hospitality sector.

Quantitative Methods

To educate students on the merits of utilizing a number of data analytic techniques to facilitate a greater understanding of management-specific data needs.

Introduction to Financial Accounting

The course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles upon which financial accounting is based which will serve as an understanding and analysis of financial statements and will serve as a solid foundation to further courses in this area.

Business Finance 

To develop the knowledge and skills associated with having an appreciation of financial management applicable to the hotel industry in relation to investment, financing and working capital management.

Rooms Division Management 

Accommodation Management - To provide an overall understanding and appreciation of the skills required both in the management and operation of the Accommodation Services Department.
Front Office Management - The aim of this is to build on the knowledge students gained in Year 1 and Year 2 by increasing their understanding of the management aspect of the Front Office department with theoretical underpinning.

Hospitality & Business Law

The objective of this course is to provide students with a broad knowledge of the principals of Irish Law and its effect on the Irish Hospitality Industry.

Human Resource Management 

This module is aimed at exposing students to the process of human resource management, and the elements of strategy involved in effectively managing staff in business. It is aimed to give students the essential tools and knowledge before continuing to IHRM in Year 4.

Information Technology for Business

This course aims to facilitate students’ learning about business information systems, devices & networks, the Internet & eBusiness, information management and security, with significant practical usage of emerging social media, collaborative online writing and the creation of a website in groups.

Managerial Economics

This course provides an introduction to the use and combination of fundamental management and economic theories as applied to business and management decisions and strategies

Financial Accounting 1

This optional module is for those wishing to study accounting on the BComm stream when they transfer to Galway in year 4 (BComm)
An advancement in Accounting studies.

Principles of Tourism

The aim of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of the fundamental principles of tourism and its importance to the global hotel and leisure industries.


The objective of this course is to gain an insight into entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management from a strategic perspective.

Head of College Keynote Speaker Programme

The aim of this module is to give Year 4 students an insight into the current thinking and practices of leading hotel management professionals, in the process enhancing their social and interpersonal skills, while also motivating and inspiring them for the Final Placement Year.

Intercultural Communication & Management

The aim of this module is to deepen the student's knowledge of core concepts related to culture and intercultural communication in order to develop cultural awareness and skills for effective intercultural management.

Organisational Behaviour for Managers 

The overall aim of this course is to introduce students to the subject of Organisational Behaviour (OB) as an overarching framework which aids in the analyses of organisational dynamics and the multiple interrelationships within.

Event Management

Event Management refers to the targeting and managing of designed public events geared to invest energies and economic resources to selected goals.

Hotel Asset Management 

The objective of Hotel Asset Management is to provide the framework, knowledge and tools to manager hotel assets strategically. The module will enable students to develop critical analytical capabilities to help in decision making related to the management of hotel assets, as well as the tools required to handle multiple stakeholders and complexities involved in Hotel Asset Management contracts.

Public Speaking for Hotel Professionals

The aim of this course is to develop students' public speaking proficiency using current public speaking theory and practice. This course will build on the students existing knowledge and aid the students in improving and polishing their professional communication skills.

Intercultural Communications 1

The aim of this course is to provide insights into the dynamics of intercultural communication by focusing on key concepts and intercultural communication issues.

English as a foreign language 

The objective of this course is to improve each student's skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening in English to a level where they can effectively communicate in an English-speaking work environment and at an appropriate academic level.


The further development and understanding of the French Language within a business and hospitality setting.


The further development and understanding of the Spanish Language within a business and hospitality setting.


The further development and understanding of the German Language within a business and hospitality setting.

Irish Hospitality & Culture 

A new module designed to allow students to discover and explore Irish Culture and Hospitality trends.