Ms Sampritha Manjunath


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Research Assistant


I am a Research Assistant at Insight Centre for Data Analytics @NUI Galway. I am working in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under the supervision of Dr Paul Buitelaar. My main work is with the Huawei TP project. The project work involves determining semantic similarities between the user query and standard questions (Intent Classification), Named-Entity Recognition, taxonomy curation, Relation Extraction using ML and DL techniques, Knowledge Graph.

I studied MSc in Artificial Intelligence from NUI Galway. During my thesis, I focused on deep learning techniques for NLP tasks. My thesis was on the “Deep Learning Model for Automatic Term Recognition”. As part of the implementation, I used the BERT embedding and EEAP approach. My thesis is accepted as a research paper at LDK 3rd conference, titled "Encoder-Attention-based Automatic Term Recognition (EA-ATR)"

During my masters I have also worked as an Intern at Insight Centre for Data Analytics under the supervision of Dr John P McCrae. The main work involved developing REST API for Naisc 1.0, a tool for linking datasets created by the SFI Insight Centre for Data Analytics and the ELEXIS (European Lexicographic Infrastructure) project.

Before my Masters, I had around 4 years of industry experience as Software Engineer. I have worked at Intel Technologies and CGI Group Inc and gained working knowledge on Java, Agile, Scrum, CI/CD, GitLab, GitHub.

Research Interests

Deep Learning, NLP, Language Models


  Employer Position From / To
Intel Corporation Analyst 06-FEB-17 / 21-AUG-19


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2020 Naional University of Ireland Galway Masters Artificial Intelligence