Mr Koustava Goswami

Contact Details

PhD Student
Uld Lab
Insight Centre for Data Analytics
Lower Dangan


I am a Ph.D. student at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at the National University of Ireland,Galway, where I am advised by Dr. John McCrae in Unit for Linguistic Data Group. My research is on Comparative Deep Models for Minority and Historical Languages. The work is supported by European Project – CARDAMOM and Insight Centre.
I have done my Masters in Computer Science – Data Analytics and Data Science(2018-2019) from National University of Ireland,Galway where I have focused on Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Linked Data and Reinforcement Learning.
I have 5 years of experience working as Software Developer and Data Analyst in Tata Consultancy Services. My work was focused on handling huge data with different tools like Informatica and programming language like sql. I have worked as analyst where with the help of python and different visualisation tools(Tableau, SAP BI), insight of the data has been explored and visualised in front of the users.. I have 2 years of web development experience with Java, Spring, angular js. I am a regular contributor to open source projects mainly focusing on python as programming language.
I have done my Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from West Bengal University of Technology..
My research Interests are –1.    Natural Language Processing2.    Machine Learning3.    Deep Learning4.    Linked Data and Semantic Web5.    Statistical AnalysisMy works can be found in my github account.
My email address is –

Research Interests

My research Interests are –
1.    Natural Language Processing
2.    Machine Learning
3.    Deep Learning
4.    Linked Data and Semantic Web
5.    Statistical Analysis

Honours and Awards

  Year Title Awarding Body
2017 Best Employee Award Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.


  Employer Position From / To
Tata Consultancy Services Software Developer 17-MAR-14 / 31-MAY-16
Diligenta, United Kingdom Data Scientist 01-JUN-16 / 31-AUG-17
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Senior Data Scientist 01-SEP-17 / 25-OCT-18


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2013 West Bengal University of Technology Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Computer Science
2009 Siliguri Boys High School Higher Secondary Education(Board Exam Class 12) Science
2019 National University of Ireland, Galway MSc in Computer Science- Data Analytics Computer Science(Data Analytics & Data Science)



Teaching Interests

I have teaching interests in Computer Science - mainly focused on Algorithm, Data Structure, Mathematical Deduction of Computation Algorithms, Operating System, Automata. 
I am also very much interested in teaching different programming languages like - Java, J2EE, Python, Angular JS, Javascript, Node JS.
I have a masters degree in Data Science and I am doing my PhD in Natural Language Processing. So, I am pretty interested in teaching subjects like - Statistical Inference, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Semantic Web, Machine Learning, in general subjects of Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning.

Modules Taught

  Term/Year Module Title Module Code Subject / Desc
2019 Data Structure and Algorithm CT2109 Lab tutor for the subject of Data Structure and Algorithm using Java as Programming Language
2018 Object-Oriented Programming CT-2106 Lab tutor for the subject(Basically introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming)

Internal Collaborators

  Name Description of Collaboration
Dr. John P McCrae
Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi
Rajdeep Sarkar