Mr Dhairya Dalal



I am a first-year PhD student in Unit for Natural Language Processing at the Data Science Institute (DSI) at NUI Galway. I am supervised by Dr. Paul Buitelaar and Dr. Mihael Arcan and funded by the Science Foundation Ireland's CRT in AI program  

My research primarily focuses on developing deep learning methods to solve NLP problems. Broadly I am fascinated by how to represent language, semantics and knowledge in high dimensional spaces, combining external knowledge with neural architectures, and developing novel AI technologies to solve real-world problems. 

Specifically my research focuses on:
  • Causal reasoning (question answering, relation extraction, and event linking) over text
  • Methods to structuring knowledge in language models 
  • Domain adaptation of language models 
Prior to join NUI Galway, I lead deep learning research at the MIT based fintech startup Posh Technologies. I have ten years of industry experience in deep learning and data science having previously worked at Talla, the Allen Institutes for Artificial Intelligence and Brain Science and Harvard University. I was awarded a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Harvard University, where I completed my thesis under the guidance of Dr. Stuart Shieber. I completed my undergraduate degrees in English and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Rochester.