Dr Lucy Elvis


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E: LUCY.ELVIS@nuigalway.ie


I completed my PhD funded by the National University of Ireland Doctoral Scholarship in 2019. My PhD Research focussed on applying Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics to the experience of architecture. While completing my PhD, I trained in the P4C (Philosophy for Children) pedagogy and established the Philosophical Dialogue project here at the University of Galway. Since then, I have lectured at the University of Galway in the discipline of Philosophy, in the Film School, and on the Children's Studies Programme. 
My research and teaching relate to two areas i) the Philosophy of Art and Culture and ii) Public Philosophy. The first is informed by my PhD research, previous experience as a gallery director and visual arts curator, as well as my current role as chairperson of TULCA Festival of Visual Arts. The second has developed through outreach work, educational consultancy and projects informed by the Lipman Sharp pedagogy. I have developed my understanding of doing philosophy for and with young people through qualifications with SAPERE (Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education) the IAPC (Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children,) and Dialogue Works. 
I have published and presented research on Philosophy for Children, Hermeneutics and architecture, socially engaged and artist-led arts practices and the philosophy of childhood. 

Book Chapters

  Year Publication
(2022) 'Rennovation, Innovation, Transformation'
Lucy Elvis (2022) 'Rennovation, Innovation, Transformation' In: Artist-run democracy: sustaining a model. Eindhoven: Onomatopee. [Details]
(2020) 'Conceptual Invitation'
Lucy Elvis (2020) 'Conceptual Invitation' In: TULCA XVIII - Stories of TULCA. Galway: TULCA Publishing. [Details]

Conference Publications

  Year Publication
(2016) Philosophy and Architecture @ Lisbon
Lucy Elvis (2016) Hermeneutics Architecture and Belonging Philosophy and Architecture @ Lisbon [DOI] [Details]

Other Journals

  Year Publication
(2016) 'Unarticulated Labour: Anonymity in an Artist-Led Space'
Lucy Elvis, Gino Querini (2016) 'Unarticulated Labour: Anonymity in an Artist-Led Space' Fusion Journal, (9) . [Details]

Conference Contributions

  Year Publication
(2022) Philosophising Together,
Lucy Elvis (2022) Attentiveness Ego and Identity, Qualities of Listening and the Listener in the CPI. [Conference Paper], Philosophising Together, UCD , 15-JUN-22 - 17-MAR-23. [Details]

Honours and Awards

  Year Title Awarding Body
2020 PhD National University of Ireland, Galway

Modules Taught

  Term/Year Module Title Module Code Subject / Desc
2022/23 Philosophy in Irish Schools PI2109 Philosophy
2022/23 Topics in Practical Philosophy PI234 Philosophy
2022/23 Philosophy of Culture in Context PI3104
2022/23 Introduction to Visual Culture FM1100
2022/23 Philosophical Questions and Issues PI120
2022/23 Philosophy of Art PI207 Philosophy