SustAIn - Sustainable, Green and Energy Efficient Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Systems


Project Status: Live Project

Project Manager: Dr Steven Davy (TUD), Prof John Breslin (University of Galway)
EU Programme: SFI Frontiers for the Future
Project Budget:  €989,511 (€399,201 at the University of Galway)
Start Date:  01/12/2022
Finish Date:  30/11/2027
Project Website:  None

Aim & Objectives:

Project: SustAIn is focused on developing new technologies and approaches in the area of Artificial Intelligence, which is relevant to Priority Area B. The project will primarily produce software artefacts that can be licensed to Irish companies. The results of the project, will be software and knowhow oriented concerned with the efficient processing of data on power constrained devices for the purpose of effective and timely decision making. The applications will be in precision agriculture and food safety areas.