Study, Problem Solving and Collaborate


From machine learning to the internet of things, our postgraduate (PhD and MSc) students advance the state of the art in a many areas of Data Science and their applications in multi-disciplinary contexts. Postgraduate scholarships are often available in DSI to work on specific areas, in particular through the three SFI Centres for Research Training in which we are involved (AI CRT, D-Real and Genomics Data Science). If you are already involved in postgraduate studies and are looking to gain more experience in Data Science Research, internships and research visits are also available. Please contact Hilda Fitzpatrick for initial enquiries.

Problem Solving

Our teams are made of world leading experts in Data Science methods and practices. As data becomes an increasingly important asset of any organisation, their research can help solve complex problems, from supporting the day-to-day business activities of a company, to inventing new disruptive technologies giving our partners strong competitive advantages. We have worked with many different companies already and are always on the lookout for new challenging problems to tackle with Data Science approaches. Please contact Marc Mellotte for information and discussion on how to leverage Data Science research in your organisation.


In advancing Data Science, both fundamental research and applications are critical. Much of the work carried out in DSI is therefore achieved through collaborative, often multi-disciplinary projects focusing on specific techniques or technologies, or on specific application domains (manufacturing, biomedicine, finance, education, to name just a few). We welcome ideas for new projects where the combination of our expertise with other organisations can lead to greater, more impactful research. Please contact Maria Smyth for initial enquiries regarding forming a research consortium with DSI.